Sai Spiritual Showers Volume 2, Issue 85, Thu, March 03, 2011
Children learning the alphabet need slates, boards and other aids; so too, beginners in Spiritual Sadhana need images, idols, rituals, temples and suchlike aids. A little boy holds the Upanishads on his lap and turns over the pages; a reverend Sadhu also holds the Upanishads on his lap and turns over the leaves. Can you say that their actions are the same? You go to the temples and come to this place also but, spiritual experience is possible only if you develop the yearning and earnestness to get immersed in that Bliss. There are many hysterical persons who claim that they are ‘possessed’ by Me! And many weak-minded people follow them and revere them! They do not stop to think: How can the Full enter the tawdry? When the Absolute has come with Form, it will not seek any other thing for expression. So, do not lower your ideal into such trash. - Sri Sathya Sai
Punkhawala: A SOS from a devotee, calling Him out in distress, reaches Bhagawan instantly, prompting Him to spring in action responding to the prayer. When this action is duty-bound, to save the soul in distress, He hastens to the scene, notwithstanding the oddity of the situation. Read on how Bhagawan made Himslef available in a speeding train donning the role of a fan repairer, extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, October 1961.

It was the hour when man, bird and beast were still, wrapped in sleep. Everything had melted in the thick darkness. The train was speeding along like a spangled snake, along the Sub-Himalayan jungle track.

Dr. R. turned in bed and opened his eyes, for there was a strange smell in the compartment, something burning, he thought! The fan was emitting sparks, like a Catherine Wheel! There was no one else in the coach, except his wife who was fast asleep. There was no time even to think out a plan. He put out his hand and fumbled with the switch, but, good God, it was out of order! The fan could not be stopped. It had to burn like that! …….. and perhaps, set the compartment on fire!

Pull the alarm chain? But, that will be a big sensation; it would involve delay, for the guard has to investigate, come, diagnose, prescribe, administer the treatment etc. etc. the sparks increased; the smell smote the nose.

"Baba! O Baba, save us, O Baba!" The prayer automatically rose from his heart, for Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was his never failing succour. The train slowed down just a wee bit. Was it a station they were coming to? Well then, when it halted, he could wake the wife and both could get down and tell the guard.

He arose and peeped into the darkness, far out into the oncoming space. Suddenly he saw a man, clinging to his door, holding fast to the handle. How could have possibly hopped up the running train in that forest blackness? A nascent fire, a sneaking thief what was he to do?

The man said, "I am a punkhawala; come to repair the fan!" He looked a seasoned mechanic; he had a screwdriver in his hand; he wore a khaki shirt and shorts; he smiled in an appealing way. So, the doctor opened the door and let him in. The train gained speed. The wife too woke. It was all so easy for his skillful hands; a few turns of the screw and tap or two at the proper place; the sparks ceased, the fan whirred, swift and safe. He was a silent skillful hand. He then sat crouching in a corner and asked the doctor to lie down and sleep. His voice was so sweet, his kindness was so overpowering that the doctor lost all fear and suspicion. He laid himself down and turned away from him and dozed.

But, the wife had her own fears. She had read and heard of robberies in running trains and of even worst calamities and so, she had half an eye open to watch the stranger's slightest movement. And, even while her eye was watching him, he disappeared!!

A week later, they get a letter from Baba at Puttaparthi, "How did you like my Punkha repair?"

Dr. R. himself narrated this wonderful incident when he came for Mahasivaratri to Puttaparthi.

"This is My Duty; when a call comes out of distress and devotion, I hasten to the rescue," Baba said.

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