Many people go to Baba and see only his beautiful form and incredible miracles. They are interested only in his physical presence, in a personal interview and a miracle. They take very little of Baba's message. Baba has told us that these miracles are not important in themselves; they are only baits to catch our attention, so that we will listen to the message He has come to Earth to give.

He has also explained that He is in each and every heart which thinks of Him. There is no need for a personal interview or for Him to speak to you or look at you or even for you to go to India. You merely have to open your heart wherever you are to realize he is there. So many have experienced this truth through dreams or meditation or in times of crises when they could see or feel Baba's presence.

We mention this, because we occasionally found at "Prasanthi Nilayam" emotions such as desire, anxiety and even fear, envy and hatred over whether or not Baba showed attention to one or one's neighbour. Of course, these emotions are perfectly normal considering our upbringing and ignorance of what we "really" are, which causes us to constantly look for approval and acceptance from those on whom we have high esteem.

But we need not have any fear, as universal love knows no attachment and no aversion. Ignore the physical drama and know that Baba loves all equally. In his own words: "I do not discard anyone. I cannot, it is not my nature to do so; have no fear, I am yours - you are Mine.”

The main physical means of communication with Baba is through letters. These letters can be of a wide variety: asking for interviews, requesting healing for a long standing or difficult illness, asking for advice on a material or spiritual decision - and who knows what other requests are hidden within those thousands upon thousands of letters. The letters may be sent to Baba from abroad, passed on to Him by a friend who is going, (or, in the event that you Yourself are blessed to be there,) you can hand it to Baba directly during "Darshan".

It is not my opinion that these letters are "read" in the physical sense of the word. In fact, I don't believe the letter even has to reach Baba. He is omnipresent - He knows all and everything past, present and future. So, He is aware of our question or request, the moment we pose it in our minds. The giving of the letter is all for our own feeling of security and satisfaction.

Letters may be written in any language for his mind is beyond the veil of languages. He will speak to you in Greek or English or any other language if necessary.

Therefore, we do not expect a "physical letter" back. We may receive our answer in different ways. Baba may speak to us physically (if we are there), in a dream or in meditation. We may pick up a book and the answer will be there or a conversation with someone may illumine us. If there is an illness involved, it may simply begin disappearing or we might become aware of what we must do to become well.

We would urge anyone who needs guidance or help of any variety (no problem is too material, too spiritual, too easy or too difficult), to write to Baba, physically or mentally and have faith in your overcoming this obstacle.