Sai Spiritual Showers:  VOLUME 3  issue 30 Thu JANUARY 5, 2012
It all depends on how you feel and affirm: The Arishadvarga, the Six `Enemies' so called, are not unnecessary. They can be used to good purpose; they are helpful weapons, fit to be worshipped, like the weapons of war, on Ayudhapuja Day. Fix the Attachment on the Lord, direct Anger towards the obstacles in the path to God, and sublimate the rest in the same manner and no harm will result. Like the bull which is tamed by noose, rope and stick, and then used for drawing the plough, these passions too can be made good use of. Then only can you have Shanti. If Kama was a dire enemy, it would not have found place in the Purusharthas. The intention is that you have to direct all desires towards the Lord. When Rama enters the mind, Kama flees from there. Ravana saw Rama as Nara but, Hanuman saw Him as Narayana.	It all depends on how you feel and affirm. - Baba
The Taxi for the Big Hospital: Mighty Lord Who created all of us and brought us into this world does take care of every need of everyone of us as a Vigilant Father and a Loving Mother, in His collective role as The Divine Parent... In trying circumstances when we call out to Him, He is out to reach, with His ‘Abhayahasta’ on us... Miracles are nothing but, His Grace when He prefers to remain anonymous, behind the curtain. Read on how Vibhuti, the Sacred Ash, when applied with faith did the wonder, saving a precious life. Extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, May account by Ms. VJ Devi.

I was hastening home from hospital, tired and hungry, after a long spell of duty. Suddenly, at a turn of the road, two Muslim girls ran towards me and gasped, "Nursamma! Bade bahan ki thabiyath achchee nahi hai; jaldee aayiye!" ("Nurse! Our elder sister is ill; her condition is bad; come with us, quick.") They dragged me by the hand, towards their house. Evidently, something serious!

The scene in that gloomy house increased my fears. Around a wooden cot, about a dozen women were weeping and wailing; the kids were running helpless, hither and thither. The master of the family had gone to town to fetch a taxi. The patient, "the bade bahan," was in great agony and struggling for breath. She was shouting in great pain, "O I am dying."

That was, it seems, her sixth pregnancy; ten months had been completed, but there were no signs of the infant in the womb. Doctors, big and small, general practitioners and specialists, some whom I knew, and some whose names were strange to me, had examined her and pronounced judgement. Their verdict was that it was a case of malignant tumour which will yield only to surgery. But, Sarambibi trembled at the thought of the operation; she preferred drugs and injections; they showed me the list of medicines, administered in despair, allopathic, unani, ayurvedic, homeopathic. They had tried sorcerers, astrologers, magicians and quacks. But, the situation only got worse and worse; her husband proposed to take her before dawn to the huge big hospital at Coimbatore.

It was at this juncture that I walked in. As soon as she saw me, Sarambibi sat up and fell on my neck, shouting in distress, "O! my Baabaa." I cleared the room of all the relatives and friends and examined the patient. Yes! The 'tumour' was hard as stone, there was no heartbeat recognisable; no movement of the foetal limbs could be traced. I was non-plussed; what could I do? I knew only one remedy—the Vibhuti of Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba, a packet of which I always have with me. I move out every morning to the hospital only after worshipping Him. I had His Darshan at Ooty when He carne there and I had read the Tamil `Sathyam Sivam Sundaram" more than half a dozen times. Baba must help this woman now, I thought.

I opened the packet and, praying, "Sai Mata! Save your daughter," I drew with it a big Om on her abdomen and put a small quantity on her tongue. "Do not fear, you are with child; it will be born soon," I announced, to my own surprise! Sarambibi was filled with joy; she quietened and breathed normally; she went into deep sleep. They did not allow me to go home, but, insisted on my remaining there.

It must be midnight. Sarambibi woke with a start. She called me, "Nursarrmma! Come and see! The child is moving." I ran to the cot and with trembling hands felt her abdomen. I examined her. No tumour, no hardness at all.... It was the child, heart beat and movement clear and convincing! The pains too started soon and at 2 am, a girl was born! (7½-8 lbs!!)

The taxi which Amir Jan brought to take her to Coimbtore dropped me at my place, at 4 am.

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