His Touch that Purifies

This early morning, long before His other Bright Light appeared over the horizon, this devotee with the heart filled with Ananda, received a beautiful Lesson from Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Sharing it with you is a joy.

In the midst of dhyana Baba let me "see" Him on one of His frequent visits to Hospitals. The scene was the waiting room. Actually it was a widened hallway with new patients sitting on each side. Silently and dejectedly they sat awaiting their turn to be seen by the doctors.

Baba who did not appear to be visible to the patients, walked in front of each and touched their hands. I asked Him why He did that.

"These patients come for treatment. They know of only one kind. The kind that can be seen. A wound healing! A limb mending! A disease being routed! My touch also heals. Most times it is not `felt' by the patient engrossed in body pain. Into that body I pour purity. It is a `charge' that cannot be seen. It can only be `felt’ by one who has risen above mortal fears, one who has commenced to realise himself or herself from bodily demands motivated by a dis-eased mind". Baba kindly explained.

“You said Swamiji, that you pour purity into their bodies. Tell me more of this ingredient to better health", yearningly I asked.

"Charles, you know well the story of pouring ‘clean' water, that is water freed of impurities into the vessel containing muddy water. In time the water in the vessel is all 'clean'. And so with the body—the vessel—I pour purity in to skim off the debris which will, given the chance, rise to the ‘surface’.” Baba softly answered.

"Swamiji, are there other ways to take in your purifying power?" I again asked.

"Your eyes can gather this treasure at every turn. Your recognition of purity in others brings into yourself a like amount of the purity you see.” He answered.

"How else can one gather up this treasure Swamiji?" again I asked.

"There are many 'ways' to load your chariot with Me, more than I could hope you to learn in one lifetime, Charles. Seeing purity in all actions of others is wonderful to experience. But even more is knowing that all actions, regardless of their kind, contain elements of purity. Even actions that are foul and bitter and full of suffering". He patiently replied.

"You mean Swami that one writhing in pain, even self-inflicted is purifying himself?" I enquired.

"Yes Charles, but such a one while striving for the goal of final purification, of the world, knows no other way to reach the clouded goal. He endures mortal pain. No matter how many times such a seeker takes this Path to Me he will fail if he destroys his body, his vessel, he merely rids himself of the one means of travelling towards Me.

"Now the one who strives hard to rid himself of impurities by pouring 'clean' water into his vessel will begin to 'feel' different—uplifted. He feels released from the draw of earthly things and desires. By continually practising walking along the pure Path he will enjoy Shanthi and in time his round of births and deaths will cease victoriously. He will find that even the balance of time using a human vessel will be filled with ananda. He will not even want `time’ to ever pass swiftly for he also has great joy here on earth. In fact such a one has attained immortality upon earth." Swamiji continued.

"You have often told about the Crossing of the Ocean...can you tell how long such a `voyage’ takes?" I asked Him

"When the vessel is on course and you have acknowledged Me as the Master, the crossing can come in a flash, for 'time' is a man-made expression which is not relative to My creation. That which I created in a flash—all the Universes—can completed instantly. For where do you `travel’ to? You are already there, is it not!" patiently He explained.

"All too often, though, a Soul seasoned by many journeys in the `body vessel' almost reach the other side but runs aground in the midst of the great calm. The vessel runs aground on unseen reefs. Just a little more Guidance and vigilance would have brought the vessel safely to the shoreline.

"Once your sails are filled with the breeze, don’t waver on the course, even when a peaceful island is located on the horizon. I will be your wind, your sails and your rudder as long as you need Me. One touch of My Hand, Charles, purifies the `sailor' and strengthens him!" Baba sweetly concluded.