Sai Spiritual Showers Volume 2 Issue 94 Thu, May 05, 2011
The Summer Classes were on at Bangalore. In the morning at 7, breakfast had to be served to the students. They went round with Nagarasankirtan and returned at 6. I gave them Darshan at its close. Then, I went for My bath. Meanwhile, Easwaramma had finished her bath; she drank her coffee as usual quite happily, and took her seat on the inner verandah. All of a sudden proceeding to the bathroom, she cried out, "Swami, Swami, Swami," thrice. At this, I responded: "Coming: Coming: " Within that period she breathed her last. What greater sign of goodness is needed? She had no need to be served and nursed. Swami will come to the memory at that time only for a very few. The mind will usually seek and stay on some object or the other, some jewellery or valuables. From the ground floor, she called: "Swami! Swami!" I replied, "Coming: Coming:" and she was gone. It was like the elephant's calling and the Lord proceeding to bless it—the two wires achieving connection, the release happening instantaneously. - Sri Sathya Sai

There is an old devotee known as Shirdi Ma, for she was at Shirdi when Sai Baba was alive. She is called Pedda Bottu, too, because of the impressive kumkum dot she wears on her brow. Shirdi Ma, in her reminiscence, says that she was always urging Easwaramma to tell her a few miracles of Swami when he was a child. Easwaramma would parry the questions most of the time saying that she never saw any or could not remember. But one day she revealed a profoundly moving experience which she had kept secret for over thirty years, having been told not to speak of it.

"Swami was nine months old at the time," Easwaramma said, "I can't remember the whole incident fresh and clear. I had just bathed and dressed him, and applied on his eyes cooling collyrium. I applied vibhuthi from the Shiva temple and a dot of kumkum from the Sathyamma temple on his brow. I put him in the cradle, gave it a swing and turned to the hearth where the milk had come to the boil. Suddenly I heard him cry. I was surprised for, believe me, he had never cried since birth for any reason, hunger, or pain, or discomfort. I picked him up and placed him on my lap, He stopped the wail. I saw a halo of brilliant light all around him, a circle of radiance surrounding him. But the light did not hurt me, it was so cool though so bright and near. I sat still, lost in delight. It was there a long time, before it faded slowly away. I closed my eyes and probably lost awareness of everything around, until my mother-in-law came to me and I awoke. The child was apparently asleep. She asked me what had happened and I told her about the halo that I could see even then in clear outline. She put her finger on her lips and said, 'Don't tell anyone of this. They wouldn't understand. They would spread all kinds of tales.' I think she told grandfather, for he asked me about it later."

Our Swami is God

On the eleventh or twelfth day of the Camp, she accosted Shirdi Ma (the octogenarian lady who had known and worshipped the Sai Baba of Shirdi) to tell her of a momentous experience. Pedda Bottu (as Shirdi Ma is also known) relates the secret confided in her that day: "Pedda Bottu," Easwaramma said to me, "I want to tell you something that happened to me. But tell no one else." I sat closer and said, "What is it, tell me." "Our Swami is God!" she whispered. I laughed. "Why do you laugh?" she asked. "No, no, I was not laughing at you. I am only happy you have realised it now. Well, tell me, how did you come to know?" I asked. "You know I have been having high fever for four days. Swami came to me then." "In a dream?" I asked, "No," she said, "He really did come to me when I was rolling restlessly in bed. "Ammayi, how do you feel?" He asked. "My whole body is aching," I replied, looking up at Him. Then—what can I tell you? It was not He that you and I know. It was Ramachandra with Kireetam and Kodandam (Crown and Bow)! I raised my folded hands and struggled to sit up and get out of bed. But in a few moments He became Swami again, gave me Vibhuthi Prasadam and said, 'The fever will go,' and went." "You are indeed blessed. What a rare piece of luck!" I exclaimed. "No one of us has had a vision of Sai Rama as Ramachandramurthy while fully awake and alert." (Thus ends Pedda Bottu's narrative).

Sai Literature Updations Past Issues Contact us Downloads Home Who could describe the greatness of Divine Mother Easwaramma? We have heard Bhagawan umpteen times, speaking high of the Mother who was chosen by Him to bring His physical frame unto planet earth. Sri Kasturi wrote in the book dedicated to the Mother, ‘Easwaramma The Chosen Mother’, that Easwaramma was “Mother” to whole neighbour-hoods in the cities. Her “daughters” gathered around, speaking a medley of tongues, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. To them all, her answer was one simple sentence in Telugu, the only language she knew. “Anthaa Swami dayaa, Amma,”—“It is all Swami’s Grace, my child.”  Read on a few of  scintillating experiences the Divine Mother had with Her Master Beloved, Her Beloved Son, Sri Sathya Sai, as narrated by Kasturi ji in the book Easwaramma - The Chosen Mother. Easwaramma - The Chosen Mother Hallowed Divine Child