Sai Spiritual Showers: Volume 3  Issue 65 Thu, Sep 06, 2012
Sparks From The Divine Anvil
God, Who is miraculous by His very nature, reveal glimpses of his glorey, off and on, through what decipher as miracles. When faith meets with devotion, God acts swiftly, bringing heavenly providence, converting a humanly impossible situation into a possible miracle. How a little 14-year old lad came out unharmed, of cerebral meningitis and paralysis, by sheer blessing of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai.(From Sanathana Sarathi archives...)

Sivakumar, aged 14 years, son of Sri Subramanian, of the Military Engineering Stores at Secunderabad stays with his uncle. Dr. M.D.V. Raman at Ramanagar, Dombivli, Bombay. He was attending school and playing with his friends, until about three years ago, when he was taken seriously ill and the doctors declared him to be suffering from endocarditis (heart trouble).

On 20th November last, Siva developed cerebral meningitis, followed by partial paralysis of the left side. He lost sight and speech. The boy was in great misery, on account of severe pain in the head, almost every half hour. Siva's father arrived in haste from Secunderabad.

On Tuesday, 30th November, the boy became unconscious, after repeated attacks, every ten or fifteen minutes. At 11:45 a.m. cyanosis intervened. Doctors gave him only a few hours more of life. He had turned blue. The family waited grimly for the worst.

About 12 noon, people around him saw that Siva was talking to `himself' by signs! He set up in bed and indicated by signs that he wanted a bath and some Vibhuti. The family members around him were dazed with amazement; but, they carried him to the bathroom and gave him a bath and applied Vibhuti, that was brought just that morning by a friend.

Then, he asked by signs for the copy of the Illustrated Weekly of India of the 21st November, and when this was given, he opened the pages and held in front of him, the portrait of Sathya Sai Baba and meditated on it for some time. While doing so, he was rubbing his left leg and left hand with his right hand. Then, suddenly, to the wonder of all, Siva stood up and walked into the Puja room, faltering a little carrying the Weekly with him! He kept it, with Baba's portrait page open, near the altar and sat, meditating for over two hours. He then WALKED OUT OF THE PUJA ROOM without any assistance and sat in a chair.

He SPOKE; he explained that Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba had come and told him that he would not die. Baba told him that He would give him both sight and speech, when he came to see Him during His visit to Bombay, shortly, but, Siva said, be had insisted that sight and speech should be given immediately or else he would not take any food, for, he wanted to continue his studies; Bhagawan granted his prayer, he said.