Sai Spiritual Showers:    VOLUME 3  issue 26 thu december 8 2011
"You should become fruits which have to be offered to Swami. You should become the offering itself (naivedya). You should become Swami's instrument. You should become the beloved of Swami. You should take each step in keeping with Swami's step. You should stand by Swami as His companion, like His shadow. I am in need of such persons. They are the very embodiments of My love. "They are I." "I am they." You should become such that you will foster the world in respect of the body, mind and spirit. You should behave in consonance with Swami's ideas and aspirations. It is only then that you will have given comfort and happiness to your parents, to the world and to SAI." - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
The Touch of Mother Sai: The Mighty Lord came down that we may have and light...As Sri Sathya Sai, when He granted Pratyaksha Darshanam (Physical Darshan) on the face of the Earth, devotees flocked into Prasanthi with unceasing desire to have That Darshan, That Sparshan and often That Sambhashan.  Past many years have witnessed Prasanthi hosting millions upon millions of pilgrims, seeking that Divine Persona called Sri Sathya Sai. How did He do that, lifting the consciousness of many a seeker giving them the touch of Oneness with Him, The Divine? Read on an account that describes one of His myriad ways of touching the Soul, chronicled by Occah Seapaul of Trinidad, from the archivals of Sanathana Sarathi Oct-Nov 1980.

Commenting on Avatars, Swami Prabhavananda of the Ramakrishna Order tells us that Their validity is very often revealed by that unique power of transmitting spirituality and transforming men's lives by touch, look or wish.

It was the third day of the Dasara Festival 1979. I was among the thousands who thronged into the Poornachandra Auditorium to have that much sought Darshan. My Lord was walking along the aisle when I lifted up some letters to HIM. Those life filled eyes fell on me and the hand that was stretched out to receive the letters came into contact with my right forefinger. The experience began and my Master moved on. A deep stillness permeated and penetrated my whole being and for a moment I felt that I was alone in that huge auditorium. A few seconds of unawareness followed, and on my return to reality, I became aware of my inability to speak. The stillness within persisted, and I began to experience what I think has been referred to as the peace that passeth all understanding. In this state of bliss I lived within the depths of silence for five days. Bhagawan brought me to the realisation that "Only in Absolute Stillness can you know Me as I Really Am, and then, but as a feeling and as a faith."

Everyone who sits in the Darshan line, longs for a look, a word or touch from the Master and a few days after Dasara I was blessed with a very tender and meaningful experience. Sitting in the line for morning Darshan I summed up the courage to speak to Bhagawan as HE approached. Those love filled eyes met mine, and as I spoke, HIS giving hand reached out for my half stretched one. The contact was made, and from the hand of the Divine was materialized a large crystal type sweet. The Lord moved on and, as I clutched the sweet, the effect of that mother like touch began to manifest itself. I sunk again for about half-an-hour into a great silence and I was made aware of the truth that "this 'Mother Sai' has the love of a thousand mother."

Years before the first meeting with my Master, I had prayed. "O Heavenly Father! If Thou art incarnated on earth, draw me to Thee and lift me to a consciousness of oneness with Thee." Those were Bhagawan's mode of revealing to me that HE was indeed the Heavenly Father to whom I prayed to be drawn, and Who was fulfilling my prayer for a spiritually uplifted consciousness.

It is for us to understand the immense sacrifice the Godhead has made by incarnating as our Beloved Bhagawan. This form HE has assumed for lifting the consciousness of man from sensuality to spirituality, and if hearts are open and receptive, all can be touched and lifted.

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