"Go slowly on Sai Baba, because people here are very Catholic”, I was advised, upon arriving after an absence of eight years at Mexico City where i had to conduct a Sai Baba Seminar. i didn’t follow this advice, however ...and, luckily so. For, the two Public Lectures i gave on Bhagawan were received with unexpected enthusiasm by the audience in the hall that was filled to its seams.

Before showing the film, i introduced Kamala Devi, whose husband is with the Indian Embassy. A devotee of Bhagawan she was the only person who could testify to the truth of what i was saying. Her story which i was translating into Spanish greatly moved the audience.

When Bhagawan gave her the interview, He told her not to worry about her son which quite naturally, she was doing then. "I just saved his life,” He added. Not quite aware of what He meant, she returned to Delhi, to learn that her son was almost killed by a shot put, when he was standing on the sports field; the metal ball was about to strike his head. At that very moment, some one pulled him away; the ball landed on his foot; the injury was not serious, though he was hospitalised nevertheless.

According to all the witnesses, the boy was standing all alone; there was no one around him. He did not step aside himself, for he had no knowledge of the ball coming in his direction. He had been pulled away, forcibly, by some one quite suddenly.

When they heard from Kamala about her interview and what Baba had told her about saving his life, the boy's heart was filled with gratitude and devotion. His faith was further strengthened after he saw a paralysed boy cured by Bhagawan during His visit to Jaipur.

Since most of my students (nearly 300 of them) had seen the film and heard from us a great deal about Bhagawan, most of them wanted to touch the japamala He had given me and/or get a mantra. We set up an improvised altar in the corner, near the platform, with candles, agarbatti and flowers surrounding Bhagawan's Picture. i placed at His Feet the pearl japamala which He had given me for healing the sick, so that people used it, one by one. Kneeling down, they reverently kissed It; a few crossed themselves at the end of their prayers to "Mataji's God.”

Belief in Baba swept the entire Seminar when several students reported in the Class later about the miraculous healings by the mala and the Vibhuti, one from a chronic headache, another from an excruciating back pain, a third from a nervous tick and eye trouble, and so on.

Everyone became eager to hear more and more about Bhagawan, for which I didn’t need much encouragement. Thus, they learnt not only of the miracles of the japamala, the ring, and the Vibhuti filled Kamandalu which never becomes empty (as Baba assured me, when He was placing it in my hands), but, also about many other miraculous happenings at our Yoga Center in Tecate, starting from the flood inside the House and ending with the fire inside it, both of which were stopped by Bhagawan.

On the last day of our October Seminar, a miracle took place. A young man dropped in at the time of the last minute goodbyes, photographing, book autographing, etc. Seeing that we were all busy, he walked into `Baba's Room,' and sat down to meditate in front of Bhagawan's Photo, which three years ago started producing Vibhuti.

After a while someone came in silently from behind him, put both his hands upon his head, and left through the door on the side, permitting the ‘meditator’ to see the stranger clearly in the candlelight, A few minutes later, a group of students from the Seminar walked in and switched on the electricity.

"Does he stay here?" asked the young man, pointing at Bhagawan's pictures, hanging on all the walls. Learning that Sai Baba is in India, and had never been here, at least in His physical form, the youth could not believe his ears. “But, he was here, only a few minutes ago; he put his hands on my head, which made me feel so very good and then he went out through the door on my right, passing so close to me that I could see his handsome features, the crown of black hair and a long orange gown. Is there someone here who resembles him?" "No. There is no one like him here," they answered in utter bewilderment.

Then, they told him who Sai Baba was. Quite shaken by the experience, the young man asked me for a mantra; he was still unable to explain all that had happened.

"Why didn’t Baba come to me?" enviously asked some of the student devotees! "I would give anything to see Him that way”, "Wait a little longer, for your turn”, an old timer assured, "and, your wish may be fulfilled. He has been seen here, in this room, by many. His presence is often acutely felt during meditation".

Hearing this story, my Mexican Class was glad to learn that one doesn’t necessarily have to be a `long time devotee' in order to obtain Bhagawan's Grace.

I also told them about how we were once driving from Anantapur to Prasanthi Nilayam. Bhagawan had gone ahead of us, a few minutes earlier. We were rolling on a long lonely road far away from any village; our taxi stopped suddenly; the fan belt got torn to shreds, and we could not continue the journey, "Bhagawan! We are in trouble”, i informed Him; it was a `long distance call'. No sooner had i spoken those words, than a car appeared; it was coming towards us. It stopped to enquire what the trouble was.

When our driver explained the situation, the man suddenly pulled out ...a brand new fan belt (!) and gave it to him; we were speechless. "Do people here always travel with a spare fan belt?” asked a surprised American woman. "Did you ever carry one? Or heard of anyone who did it?" was my reply to such a question.

When we finally arrived at the Nilayam, the bhajans were already well on the way and we sat down outside the temple. As soon as Bhagawan came out, He walked straight to me and asked what the delay was about. "We had car trouble,” i answered. “Yes… Yes. I know… the fan belt.”

The last day of the Seminar, the leave takings, in the beautiful capital of Mexico is hard to describe—kisses, flowers, tears, requests for a soon return—all mixed in one emotionally high `goodbye scene', i was almost choked by the japamala which was being pulled from the neck from behind by people who wanted to touch it or press it against their lips, while i was sitting on the floor and autographing books.

"Didn’t you tell me, i should go slowly on Sai Baba?” i asked the couple who had made this suggestion upon my arrival. They only shook their heads, witnessing all that was going on.

“You won, Mataji., they said... "Not me, Baba did,” was all i could say.

Jai Bhagawan!

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