When the attributeless Divine Consciousness assumes physical form, He comes with attributes and quite often these attributes come to the fore showcasing the mysterious omnipotence of Divinity. Read on GSV Prasada Rao’s share of experience of omnipotence of The Lord Walking on Two Feet, as published in Sanathana Sarathi, March 1979.

It was October 1976. I happened to take out from the library a strange type of Telugu novel named `Prasanthi Nilayamu', in which most of the incidents and unravelling of plots happen in and around Prasanthi Nilayam, amidst the thousands of devoted pilgrims, so that the author gives vivid descriptions of the place. I was thrilled by these narratives and I realised that the holy place was only within 50 miles of Anantapur. I had a friend who used to visit that place and who was a devotee since fourteen years. I resorted to him, off and on, whenever I had a little time to spare, with a plea to tell me more and more of the place and Person who had rendered it internationally famous as the Centre of a world wide spiritual revolution. Later he came to my place every evening and spoke on his experiences, sometimes for three hours at a stretch. We listened with awe and reverence. He also gave us some Telugu books about Swami and I devoured them with avidity.

On the 1st day of January 1977, I had the first Darshan of Bhagawan. It was New Year Day for Christians, Vaikuntha Ekadasi for Hindus and Moharrum for the Muslims! So, the entire area was packed thick with men and women of all faiths from all parts of the world. I had in mind a great desire to ask Swami, one question that was haunting me, "Why is it, Swami, that Nature destroys in one sweep the crop that we ryots raise with so much love and care?" But, when the Darshan of Swami itself was so difficult, how could that question be presented to Him and an answer obtained?

That evening at 5 pm, Bhagawan addressed the gathering and moved along the line where I was seated, so that I could imprint Him on my heart. It was a great gift. Swami also referred to the sudden upsurges of natural forces, which, to man, appear as calamities. A speeding car cannot be suddenly stopped—for that would bring on disaster. Nature has to obey the laws laid down. Man performs his duties and carries out his professions with care but he forgets to pray to God in thankfulness for all the facilities and forces he is awarded. Thus my question was answered by Bhagavan and I was free from disappointment.

From that day to this, my crops have never suffered loss through the anger or indifference of Nature. In 1978, I was even awarded by the Government Agricultural Department the title of `the best farmer of the district'. The prize was a beautiful idol of Muralidhara—I firmly believe that Swami willed He should come to me in this form.

In January 1978, Swami appeared in a dream, and said, "Are you willing to go out of the country for four months for training in farming methods?" "I have no political leader to recommend me,” I replied. Swami replied, "You must know I am the one who confers boons on all created beings.”

In February 1978, my sister, absolutely on her own, sent me application forms and other necessary literature directing me to apply for being selected for foreign training. Her letter came to me on Shivaratri Day and I welcomed her proposal as a result of this co incidence. The officer who had to receive and forward it discouraged me and said, "This scheme has been there since 30 years. Almost all the influential farms of this District have tried. But no one has succeeded hitherto. Your application will certainly be rejected.” I sent a telegram to Swami that I had sent in my application with no sponsor, except He. I was called for an interview in May but until the 3rd May there was no news from Delhi. The month of June rolled by. So, I decided I could not be included. I inferred that the dreams where Baba appears and communicates are merely the fabrications of our own minds and that I should henceforth attach no importance for them. If Swami wanted to direct us to do something, He would order us, direct, not through dreams.

Who can describe my joy when on October 7th I got my order selecting me as one of the trainees and asking me to be ready to start for Houston, Texas, on the 21st October. Now, through Sai's Grace, I am writing this letter from 14,000 miles away from Prasanthi Nilayam, but with Sai right beside me. Faith and Patience are the two paisa, which, at Shirdi, Swami asked for from everyone. They can bring us direct rewards.