Sai Spiritual Showers: Volume 3  Issue 61 Thu, Aug 09, 2012
Sparks From The Divine Anvil
When one remains totally attached to His words, reposing unflinching faith in him, The Lord reciprocates, responding to the prayer, bailing the devotee out of danger. Read on an account by Sri N.S. Raghavan narrating one of such miraculous, mysterious healing by the 'Supreme Divine Physician' Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, as extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, August 1964 issue.

"Aaspathreelu, doctorlu, mandulu... emi akkara ledu” hospitals, doctors, medicines... no need for any of them. "Oka naadu, Nenu, tak tak tak! anni sari chesthanu." One day, tak, tak, tak. Like that, I shall set right everything.” Baba told me thus, snapping His fingers to produce the sound, tak... tak... tak, when He spoke. I was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness; for, just imagine what He was promising to set right.

My wife was suffering since three years from acute osteomalacia, with pathological fractures of the pelvic bones. The doctors were sure about that; many experts had examined the patient with great care. They had told me that prolonged stay in bed and persistent treatment might be able to give some relief. They told me it was due to the absorption of the osseous substance of the bones, which causes, as in my wife's case, softening and rarefaction, followed by spontaneous fracture. She was emaciated and exhausted, the pelvic bones were affected much, becoming triradiated and weak. The spine was paining badly and the doctors said, she will be bed-ridden for years and her limbs will become shortened and useless. Opiates and drugs to dull the pain were the only medicines that could be given, besides various costly experimental palliatives.

What a terrible life for a poor middle class family with five children and the breadwinner holding a Government job, requiring frequent long journeys! I was hit very hard by this calamity. No one held out the slightest hope. Baba was my only refuge, some good friend said. I came to Puttaparthi. I was called in by Baba and this was what He said! Now, you know why she was so full of joy and thankfulness.

Well, I returned home to Besagarahalli, in Mandya District. Three months passed and there was no improvement in her physical condition; in fact, she became worse; my faith in Baba began wavering. My home was a cell of pain and grief. Without regular food and sleep, racked by pain and worry, my wife became a shadow of her former self. Baba's words were her only solace. She and I held on to them, in spite of all the whisperings of despair.

I awoke one morning rather early, because I had to leave for a distant village on Government work. I was surprised to find a lamp burning in the kitchen. When I asked, “Who is there?" it was my wife who replied. Yes; she had lit the fire and... would you believe it? She was preparing coffee for me!!

She said, she had a dream; or, was it a dream? Baba had come to her bedside and ordered her to get up, come down from the cot and do Namaskaram to Him! And, she had obeyed! While she was at His Feet, Baba, with many a consoling word, patted gently on the diseased joints... she could hear the sound the bones made inside her... Tak, Tak, Tak! She had become quite alright. "Anni sari chesthanu", He had said. He had kept His Word! When she looked up, after a while, with tears of gratitude in her eyes, the Lord had disappeared. To the great amazement of all of us, and the doctors who had shaken their heads whenever her recovery was mentioned, she has started from that very day her daily routine of work, as if nothing at all had happened to her.

The bone specialist who had studied the X-ray photographs of my wife was informed of this miraculous overnight cure. He declared, “During my five years of stay abroad, I could not see a single case of osteomalacia cured, among the several which I treated. It is beyond the ken of a human physician. God has blessed you!” Nothing is impossible for Baba. What He says happens.