Sai Spiritual Showers: Vol 3, Issue 31 Thu, Jan 12, 2012
My dears! Perfect submission to His will brings us immediately peace and bliss. This self-surrender is attained only by our ceaseless remembrance of Him and His attributes. Let us therefore consecrate our life to Him and live, in thought, word and deed, for His sake. He is our all in all. Love is the Light of the Spirit. Realise the Light of the Spirit and you are filled with Love. Get the flower, and you have its beauty and fragrance. In colour; see harmony, in light see joy. In outward forms and in the depth of things, behold yourself. You are the Truth. - Sri Sathya Sai
Unceasing Grace: When Bhagawan comes to the rescue of devotees, responding to their calls, He does not often come with a magic wand, doing a complete act by Himself, but helps devotees to learn some hard lessons in life allowing their karma to work to a manageable extent, feels Ms. Phyllis Krystal narrating an interesting episode involving His Unceasing Grace...extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, Sept 1976.

On Wednesday, July 14th I awakened remembering the tail end of a very vivid dream in which I found myself in a group of people waiting to be tested by judges, but I did not know the nature of the test.

Finally, my turn came, and they said with surprise, that this one, meaning me, was able to breathe the full breath.

Apparently, this was the test, and I remember being very surprised, as I do not practise Pranayama, and had not been aware of breathing differently from usual.

Shortly after waking, my husband Sidney and I started our usual morning routine of Tai Chi Chih physical exercises followed by the meditation according to Baba's suggestions and guidelines.

A few minutes after starting the Tai Chi I was very strongly aware of Baba standing in front of me, only a short distance away, and I was most impressed with the fact that although I did not actually see Him, I knew the space He occupied in the room, and His size and height compared to my own.

Then I noticed that He was literally pouring into my solar plexus what felt like energy, and I was amazed at how very easy it was to relax and breathe it in; and wondered why it had never seemed so easy before, and hoped that I could continue to be so open to receive from Him.

I didn't connect this with the dream until later.

I had awakened with a headache, so I thought that Baba must be helping me with that, and thanked Him.

This awareness of Baba continued throughout the exercises and on into the meditation, until I began to feel that Baba was inside of me and that His energy was circulating all through my body with a tingling sensation.

I did not mention this to Sidney at the time, as it was such a subjective experience.

After breakfast I took a shower in the bathroom which Sidney always uses instead of the one I usually use, which is being repainted.

As I stepped out of the shower Sidney stepped in, and the next second I heard him crash as he slipped on the tile and fell on his back on the tile steps.

He could neither breathe nor speak, only groan, as he lay inert.

As Baba's presence was still so strongly with me, it was easy and natural for me to call on Him for help.

Somehow I was able to move Sidney out of the shower and onto a mat on his stomach, and was horrified to see that his rib cage on the right side was caved in, and there were two red marks across the back, and black and blue bruises beginning to appear on the upper back.

I quickly got Vibhuti and the mangalasutra which Baba had materialized at the spiritual marriage last year; putting them on his back I started rubbing gently with the Vibhuti, massaging his back, as I talked out loud to Baba, asking for help.

I was profoundly moved as I watched the ribs move up under my hand and the upper back resume the normal shape, at which point he gasped in and was able to breathe again and speak.

As I continued to rub the Vibhuti into the injured area, the black and blue bruises began to fade as if they were being washed away.

I could feel the broken ribs move under my hand, and could hear the broken ends rub against one another, and later, the X-ray pictures showed that he broke three ribs.

The amazing part is that there was no puncture of the lung; the broken ends were close together so that it was not necessary to operate to pull them into place; and there were no bruises visible.

I feel certain that Baba must have known that this was about to happen, but as He has said He will not interfere with our karma, He prepared me ahead of time (without my knowing the reason) so that I would be alerted to call on Him for help immediately, and already be filled with His energy so that it could pour into Sidney, and so prevent the accident from being more serious than it is.

The chief reason for me to share this is that so many devotees think that as soon as they come to Baba they will live happily ever after, free from problems, as we were taught in the fairy stories we heard as children; and are deeply disappointed and disillusioned, and often begin to doubt Baba, when the exact opposite often takes place, and they appear to be under an attack, with barely enough time to recover from dealing with one problem before new ones loom up.

However, Baba has told us that He often accelerates our karma when we come to Him, and as He will not erase it, He helps us handle it if we call on Him, knowing we cannot deal with it alone.

In the experience, I have just shared, not only did He fill me with His presence, but He led me, (without my knowledge) to be right there, only inches away when Sidney fell.

If I had been anywhere else in the house he might not have survived, as his condition made it impossible to call me, and I could not have heard the fall with the bathroom door closed.

For me, it is much more realistic to know that Baba is always available to help us with our problems, than to expect Him to wave a magic wand and avert them, and in so doing take away the chance to learn the necessary lesson through handling them with His help.

I am filled with awe as I look back and realize the loving care with which He came ahead of the accident to prepare the way to lessen the severity of it.

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