Sai Spiritual Showers Volume 2 Issue 95 Thu, May 12, 2011
Whatever job one is engaged in, wherever one might be, belief in God is a must. On no account should one deviate from duty bound disciplined living. - Sri Sathya Sai
Dining with The Beloved

The gentle early springtime sun brought everything to life in the Anza Borrego desert scene in Southern California. Bright little flowers formed a carpet of color, as though awaiting the Blue Lotus Feet of our Lord to be a soft cushion. How sprightly were the small birds, as they sprang from one branch to another, with full awareness of their freedom! All of this wonderland was covered with a delicate blue sky that played hide and seek with the surrounding mountains.

While enthralled with all of this nature scented with desert perfumes, I seemed to nave a question filtering through my mind, as to whether or not I would bathe in the placidly clear waters of my friend's swimming pool. Then, I found myself almost unthinkingly turning away from the pool area and entering the precincts of the quiet cool house. I could see the pool reflecting the sky, through the large plate glass windows.

It was then I felt the meditative heartstrings enticing me from within. I had no sooner started the inward journey when Baba began to talk to me. It is His message which I would like to share with you now.

"Bathe in the water pool, for, is it not Ganga water? That water out there, too, is from God. Why should one differentiate as to one water's spiritual benefit from that of another body of water?

Bathe with a divine feeling of receiving an inner purification for the water thus used is being blessed by Me. Remember that all water used to cleanse the temple of the soul is holy water. It can draw you closer to Me wherever you are, just as mother Ganges has done from age to age. Does not all water come down from the `Himalayas of the Heavens', from whence all purity originates? How much more comforting it is to know that one can always bathe in the bliss of the Lord! I bathe the silver image of Sai Baba of Shirdi with a downfall of Divine Ash which pours right from My Heart. I do that ceremony with great joy and love. Should not all have that same loving attitude toward their living temples whether they are bathing it, giving it food or simply being good to it?

Take every opportunity to be closer to Me. When you partake of daily food, do so as in prayer, for, I am also with you providing the food of Divinity. When breath is taken into the body, know that I am also there, pouring in life sustaining Prana. When you are serving another, always know that I am there also being served. Never separate yourself from Me, whatever you are doing."

There was something extraordinary about the pool as I entered it. The water seemed to come alive as it carried out its divine purpose. The Lord appeared present in the form of colorful mountains. The feeling within was so beautiful. It felt like the angels in heaven had been asked by the Lord to witness the spiritual merging and emerging. Baba's words came true, for the blessings from my experience in "Mother Ganges" have stayed with me.

Since that sweet encounter with the Lord. I have discovered how much His presence exists when breaking bread with Him at the table. There now seems to be less hurry. Why try to end quickly dining with my Beloved?

Now, I look back and ask myself why I waited so long in this body temple to open my heart to His Heart.

May we live ever closer to Him as the sands of time run out.

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