Sai Spiritual Showers:           VOLUME 3  issue 40 thu, mar 15 2012
Make your heart soft, then success is quick in Sadhana (spiritual practice) Talk softly, talk sweetly, talk only of God - that is the process of softening the subsoil. Develop compassion, sympathy; engage in service, understand the agony of poverty and disease, distress and despair; share both tears and cheers with others. That is the way to soften the heart and help Sadhana to succeed. - Sri Sathya Sai
Love at Work in Buenos Aires: One step towards Bhagawan with a sincere heart with selfless intent would bring Him a hundred steps closer to you, writes Leonard Gutter from Argentina narrating a Love-Tale orchestrated by Bhagawan in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, March 1994.

This is the story of a path of love and hope. We want to share with you an experience that tells us about Baba's Love, which took place in one of the Argentine Sai Organization working groups. A working group of a Sai Baba Center in Buenos Aires began to undertake a combination of service and educational tasks. The project started with street children. The children lived in the streets near the Sai Center; the group got close to them and invited them to attend the Center where they had a shower, their clothes were laundered, they were fed and taught reading and writing by a professional teacher, who was trained in techniques of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (S.S.E.H.V.) 

After a short period, the working group became aware of the circumstances that had negatively influenced these children living in the streets, since they basically lived from delinquency and robbery. So, the group tried to do something to take these children away from the streets and reform them totally, giving a definite solution to their problems and not to leave them alone. They worked with them in their re-adjustment to society, giving them a vocation and, specially, a new reason to lead their lives.

At the beginning, when the Sai Center group was working with them in the house they had rented for the children, one of the women, a Sai devotee, asked one of the children to dig the earth in a flowerpot stand to sow some flowers. While doing so the child discovered something bulky in the earth, and when he opened it, he saw that it contained 12 kg of pure gold. He called one of his companions and the first idea in their minds was to escape with this fortune, but at that moment the results of the Human Values education began to appear and their conscience told them that they should not escape but, on the contrary, they should give the fortune to the Sai Organization members who were working with them, and they did so.

The Sai Organization, complying with one of Bhagawan’s precepts, which is to obey the country's laws, decided to announce this finding to the authorities and with a public notary they testified to the facts. They called lawyers and went to a judge, who declared that the country's laws laid down that the gold belonged to the person who found it. So, the gold was the property of the group which worked with the street children. This group, together with the Foundation, decided to proceed with the project of buying a house to consolidate the work with the children, a house in better conditions than the one they were renting. They decided to submit this project to the Divine Lotus Feet for our beloved Sai's approval and blessing. The Foundation and Sai Organization member's travelled to India, together with one of the street children, whose devotion to Sai had greatly grown and who wanted from his very heart to see Swami. Then, the group decided that part of the gold should be used to defray the ticket for this child to be able to have Sai "darshan.”

A few days after the arrival of the group in India, Baba gave them an interview and, with His infinite love, He told them that it was He Who put the gold there, and granted His approval for the purchase of the house.

And this is how this Love Circle is closed. Swami teaches us that if we take one step towards Him, He takes a hundred towards us. In fact, He is The One Who fulfils our hopes, if we work with a pure heart, without any personal interest, trying to comply with His teachings. He shows us that He is always behind us, close to us, and helps us to achieve self realization through Love. This is the path of Love, miracles and hope that the Lord offers us to redeem our lives.


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