Sai Spiriutal Showers: VOLUME 3  issue 14 thu, Sep 15, 2011
We proclaim aloud that man is endowed with many unique qualities, but how few of them are put into practice? At present, we have millions of books that profess to awaken man from the sleep of ignorance. We have countless gurus who preach high ideals. Mountain high stock of books clutter the markets; teachers who instruct methods of manifesting the skills of man are found in every street. But, the world is sinking deeper every day into moral crisis, for, no one practises what he knows or talks about. Teachers borrow ideas from others and codify them or modify them for the convenience of instruction. They do not teach from personal experience. - Sri Sathya Sai
Two Letters: Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai is the Repository of all God-forms...Call Him out by any name and there He is, responding to the prayers...responding to the innate call, granting the desired darshan of the chosen form. Read on an ‘Editor’s Choice’ published in Sanathana Sarathi, Sept 1964 issue, illustrating Bhagawan’s ever positive response to many sincere calls and prayers.

Sri Ramanatharao of the Sirpur Kagaz-nagar heard of Baba only last month, at Shimoga, where he had gone on a visit to his sister soon after retiring from the Paper Factory. From the accounts given by her, he felt a keen desire to go to Puttaparthi, but his health was against it; so, as he wrote in his letter he was very much pained. On August 8th, he finished his Sandhya-vandanam and his Gayatri-japam and was reciting his mantram, the Upadesh he had got from Swami Ramadas, "Om Sriram Jayaram Jayajaya Ram." While he was lost in the joy of that recitation, Baba appeared clearly before; he rose and shouting, "Baba," "Baba," he fell at His feet.

He asked Him (every one could see him addressing Baba but, no one else could see Baba)" Baba I have written 54 lakhs 21 thousand Likhita Japam of this Mantra; bless me so that I could complete a crore." (What a pious holy prayer, that!) Baba replied that he had already completed a crore of Ramnam and there was no more need to worry. "You can do Puja to the Books as soon as you return home" Baba said.

Then, in a flash, Baba disappeared and Ramanatharao saw the effulgent Vision of Ramapattabhisheka. He sang in his ecstasy the slokas describing the Scene and he prostrated on the floor. Then, that vision gave place to that of his Guru Swami Ramadas Himself! Lastly came Baba Himself, the Benefactor who had vouchsafed to the saintly Sadhaka all these visions, He fell at His Feet again and asked Him for Prasadam, and lo, all present saw a packet of Vibhuti fall into his palms (from the Divine Hand of Baba, which was so plainly visible to him.) Baba assures all, that Sadhana sincerely done will never go to waste; it is bound to yield fruit. He gave Ramanatharao the fruit of his Sadhana… the Vision of his Guru, his Ishthadevata and of Himself, Who is Sarvadevata Swarupa.

Sri Rama Pattabhisheka and Swami Ramadas

Yes. Baba is the Repository of all the Devata Swarupas. How else can we explain the experience of Vamadevan on the frontiers of India? He was moving along the border, all alone, with just a pistol by his side when he was pounced upon by 8 men from the other side, who tried to blindfold him and drag him across the line. He had with him a photograph of Baba, given by Him when he was last at Puttaparthi. He knew that Baba would save him, for Baba had told him, when the photograph was given, that he should keep it always with him. Well. He remembered it now. (It is very difficult to remember such things in a crisis). He showed it to his attackers. "They all prostrated before It and turned back, leaving me alone," Vamadevan writes! "Prostrated!" Who knows what vision Baba vouchsafed to those vile men, so that their hearts were touched by reverence so sudden and so great? He is Sarvadevata Swarupa…He knows!

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