Sai Spiritual Showers:           VOLUME 3  issue 36, thu, FEB 16, 2012
All men are of one lineage; they are of the Divine lineage. Awareness of this alone gives you the right to call yourself a man. Learn to live as man. This is the Sadhana; this is the message of Sai. - Sri Sathya Sai
Taste the Sweetness of the Song: “Paramam Pavitram...” the Mantra that sings the sweetness of the Elixir Divine is not a mere song, but a potent Mantra to be chanted with feeling within, dwelling in its greater potencies, of the miraculous blessings  called Baba Vibhuti...says Dr. Jagesh Kamath narrating an experience from his medical diary, as published in Sanathana Sarathi, Jan 1973.

This letter is prompted by Bhagawan's Will; it relates His Glory. I am a House Surgeon, working in the Pediatrics section of a hospital. A child was brought to the section, 8 days ago, with Diphtheria associated with Myocarditis. It had severe respiratory distress, and so, an emergency opening of a hole in the trachea had to be done.

This evening, the child relapsed into severe distress. The mucus had to be immediately sucked off, since it was obstructing the system, Unfortunately, the sucker in the section was out of order. So, I and my friend in the ENT section, took the child to the Operation Theatre, where a sucker was available.

Everything went on well, for some time. But, quite suddenly, the child stopped respiring! There was arrest of the heart also.

We rushed for the life saving adrenaline. Most unfortunate of all, the syringe could not be spotted at once! Not that it was not there, but, search as we might, we could not lay hands on it! And, unluckily, the sucker went out of action!

The child was completely flaccid, showing no sign of life.

In dismay, thinking of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai, I took a little Vibhuti, which I always carry with me, and started to apply it on the chest of the baby. The moment I applied the Vibhuti, something happened, that brought life into ME! Yes. The child took a big gasp! My friend was most pleasantly and gratefully surprised. Soon, the heart was active. The child opened its eyes. I could not but gasp in wonder. Tears flowed from our eyes, for, Bhagawan, the Mother of all, had saved the child and given consolation and joy to the parents.

I must mention here certain events that happened, earlier, when I was preparing to go to the hospital. I had put on the shirt that I wore in the morning sessions. I was already late for my work and so, I was in a hurry. But, just when I crossed the threshold, I felt I should take that shirt off (!) and put on another that was on the hanger! The desire was over powering. I didn't know why. "Funny" I thought within myself, and put it on, and rushed to the hospital.

Trivial things can shift he balance in favour of life, when death calls aloud. The shirt on the hanger which I was compelled to put on had the Vibhuti from Bhagawan in it! I realise now that every incident in one's life, however insignificant or `accidental' has deep meaning.

Lord Hari has said in the "Sandeha Nivarini " "Can even a leaf move without My Will?"

Next time, I sing Paramam Pavithram Baba Vibhutim, (the Song which describes the soul liberating, wonder working, miraculously produced Vibhuti), Paramartha Ishtartha Moksha Pradatham, it will not be mere song, mere repeating of the lines. I will dwell delightedly, on the Pavithram, Vichithram, until I taste again the Glory of this Miracle I witnessed in the Operation Theatre today.

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