Let Baba dance in each of our hearts and thus fill us with love, joy and hope to replace negative emotions as anger, hatred, fear...wrote Phyllis Krystal in the backdrop of an International Symposium held in Rome, hoping humanity to raise to the level to brighten the atmosphere of planet earth.

If I had to select one word to describe the impact of the International symposium held in Rome, it would be: inspirational.

It was attended not only by hundreds of eagerly enthusiastic and dedicated Italians, but by representatives of the rapidly growing Sai family from thirty four countries. It was a most impressive sight to see each of their national flags hanging side by side lining the front of the stage in the huge auditorium. They held out a promise by attesting to a new and very different league of nations quietly coming into existence in a world weary of strife and turmoil.

We are all fully aware that Baba is the Initiator of such a gathering, but He needs people as tools through whom to bring it to actual fulfillment. Antonio and Sylvie Craxi and their band of truly dedicated helpers worked tirelessly, harmoniously, and self effacingly to carry out Baba's plans to make this first International symposium outside of India a success in every sense of that word.

All old cities, throughout their long history have seen their share of violence and negativity, and Rome is no exception. It therefore seemed significant that the symposium was held at the time of All Souls Day when prayers are offered for the souls of all who have departed this physical plane. Modern cities also wear a grey shroud of smog in which negative emotions are trapped and held down under a tight lid which prevents life giving air and light from penetrating and reaching us. Sir George Trevelyan, initiator of the Wrekin Trust in England, in his inspiring speech, likened the universe to the human body, and the worlds and planets to the glandular system. He pointed out that if one gland is sick the whole body suffers and strives to heal itself. Likewise, our sick world affects the whole system which he felt would not tolerate such a condition indefinitely.

I would like to share two dreams which I was given several months ago, and which I now realize are fast materializing in the world. In the past I would have hesitated to mention them, but during an interview last year Baba chided me for not always believing when He came to me in dreams. I explained that I was afraid it might be imagination or ego, but he assured me that he really came, and that I must believe it.

In the first one I seemed to be floating in space looking down at the world. I was shocked and saddened to see so many areas where strife and warfare were erupting, creating dark clouds of hate and fear which blotted out the beautiful landscapes. As I looked around, off in the distance I became aware of a rainbow-coloured stream gently bubbling up and flowing in all directions like long ribbons of multi-coloured light. As I watched it expand I knew that it was emanating from Prasanthi Nilayam, and that each colour represented a positive emotion such as joy, love, hope, compassion, which I realized were the opposite of the fear, anger, and hate which formed the dark blots throughout the earth's atmosphere.

The second dream came several weeks later. In it I saw Baba dancing as if on a dot, alternating as Nataraj and Krishna, His arms, legs, and head all moving to an inner hidden rhythm. It was an extraordinary spectacle, and as I watched fascinated and awestruck, I noticed wave after wave of rainbow coloured light emanating from His body and flowing out in long ribbons all over India and out into the rest of the world. As I continued to watch I saw that these coloured streamers encircled the dark patches I had seen in the prior dream, and gradually absorbed them, replacing them with the rainbow-hued light. The tempo of the dance accelerated until a rainbow encircled the world.

As I started to write this article my mind went back to an incident described in Howard Murphet's book, "Man of Miracles". He tells how the late Joel Riorden announced skeptically shortly after arriving on his first visit to Baba that he would only believe that He was God if He could materialize a rainbow, as only God could make a rainbow. Baba graciously acquiesced. Joel saw a perfect arc of a rainbow a few days later in the cloudless Indian sky. Later, Baba asked Joel how he liked it.

A rainbow has always traditionally symbolized the hope of peace after a storm.

In Rome we all experienced another of Baba's rainbows like a long tendril reaching from Him in India and reflected in all of our hearts. It reminds us of His promise to raise the consciousness not only of India but of the whole world, so that this sick gland in the body of the universe may be healed and made whole. He is not only giving us hope, but allowing all who choose to seek His will rather than follow the dictates of their egos, to participate in this revolution.

The message I brought back from Rome is to let Baba dance in each of our hearts and thus fill us with love, joy, and hope with which to replace such negative emotions as anger, hatred and fear, first in us, and thence in the world. In this way each of us can be like a cell of light helping to raise and brighten the atmosphere of the planet.

The former American President Abraham Lincoln once saved a pig by lifting it out of the mire in which it was caught, and while doing so his body and clothes became very dirty. The onlookers asked him why he, the President of such a vast country, should dirty himself just to save a common pig. He replied: ‘I got involved in this action not so much to relieve the suffering I experienced at the sight of the pig. I did this only for my own peace of mind!’ What Lincoln said then is the practical truth of the matter. It is only this self-satisfaction which is the hidden motive behind all kinds of selfless acts! This can in no way be denied. Abraham Lincoln believed that service done with love to man is service to God. He was unhappy to see Americans making black Americans work as slave. He therefore fought with his own countrymen to stop this slavery and, at last, won freedom for them. The Black Americans and even many White Americans, therefore, used to say,

God in heaven and Abhraham Lincoln on earth, we have only these two to look after us”.