Persons like me are unfit to delve into the glory of Baba or discuss about its manifestations. They are inexplicable, but, true. I can only try to write about an experience of mine, regarding His mysterious Mahima In 1965, about two weeks previous to His Birthday Festival, myself and my mother-in-law went to Puttaparthi, with my brother-in-law who was aged about nineteen. About five or six months previous to our journey, my mother-in-law lost a thousand rupees that she had kept at home. My brother-in-law had taken it and hidden it. The poor mother had threatened him, cajoled him, prayed to him to return it, but, with no effect. The entire house was searched many times but, it could not be found. When my father-in-law was informed at last, he said, "After all, it is only his mother’s money that the son has taken," and kept mum. So, she felt that this matter could be raised when we went to Puttaparthi, with Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and some solution found. As soon as we three reached Puttaparthi, I called my brother-in-law aside and told him, "Look here. Baba is Sarvajna; He knows everything that happens everywhere. He will not keep quiet. Confess now at least. Declare where you have hidden the packet." He replied rather impertinently, "Baba knows everything, is it? Well; we will be finding out soon. Why hurry?"

In a few days, we got the interview with Baba. Baba reprimanded the boy, making him stand before the mother. Even without her saying anything about it, Baba asked him to announce whether he had not taken the money. He confessed the crime before both. “You took it because you felt you could do what you like with your mother’s money. Is it? No, it is not right, give it back,” said Baba softly to him. My mother-in-law appealed, “Baba! Get the money from wherever he has hidden it, to this place, now.” But, Baba said, “No no there is no harm. Let it be where it is. You will get it back after you reach home. There are so many who have lost their money like you; if I restore your lost money by getting it here from where it is now, the others too will clamour that I might do the same to help them. But, why? There is no harm. Return home; I shall look to everything.” That was what Baba promised.

On reaching home, my brother-in-law started singing another tune. He insisted that he had no knowledge of the thousand rupees and that he had not taken them.

After a few days, the father opened the door of a set of drawers in his Puja room to take out some papers and while searching for the same, he found underneath his papers a bundle of notes, the lost thousand rupees, intact. He realized that his son's secret was out and did not reveal the discovery to any one.

A few days later, the boy felt a desire to examine the place where he had hidden the bundle, so that he might assure himself that it was safe; so, he went to the switch board under the stairs, big one with about seven or eight switches. He had opened it, when the current was off, by removing the screws, and after inserting the bundle between the wires inside, he had screwed them on again. Now, he unscrewed the coverboard and found the bundle missing!

"Alas! I delayed looking into this switchboard long because I was certain no one would suspect this as a likely place where money will be hidden. Now, it is gone." He wept aloud. His father then announced that he got the bundle from the set of drawers in the Puja Room.

Now, how did the bundle kept in the switchboard come into the Puja Room set of drawers? Truly, it is the leela of Baba.

"The money is there itself, it has not gone anywhere outside. It will come to you after you reach home," He said. We had, after reaching home, searched most meticulously all drawers, all almirahs, all boxes with no profit. But, Baba had affirmed it was in the house itself. How to explain this, we asked each other.

Now, it became plain. His Words did not prove of little worth. They were true. His Will must work itself to success. His Blessings must operate to a successful conclusion.

In all matters, in all places, at all times, Baba is with us.

There is no big or small miracle for the Lord. For the benefit of His devotee, He will involve Himself with the meanest of tasks. Not only does He rule the microcosm and the macrocosm, but He is also a Micromanager and a Macromanager.