The Truth behind every Truth is The Truth, that is HE, and the Play behind every Play is again HE alone...there is nothing beyond is HE, HE...He alone one need to aspire to reach...the final destination.

The atmosphere in Prasanthi Nilayam is highly charged with spirituality. Many occurrences that appear as coincidences are actually "miracles”. Generally devotees tend to be impressed and greatly appreciate so called miracles concerning physical materials, but if only one clears his vision with a spiritual bent and tempt to listen with a spiritual ear, he will experience many more "miracles" within his spiritual understanding. Here is such a miracle.

At Prasanthi Nilayam, on the morning of 9th September 1973, there was a Divine Discourse by Bhagawan on the occasion of the Onam Festival of Kerala, celebrated at the Nilayam by over a thousand devotees from the State.

During the Discourse, Bhagawan referred to the fact that man has in him Danavatva (Demonic qualities), Manavatva (Human qualities) and Daivatva (Godly qualities). He said, "Spiritual development consisted in developing Daivatva or the Godly qualities of Ahimsa (Non violence), Daya (Compassion), Shanti (Mental Equilibrium) and Prema (Love). The Divine qualities of Sat, Chit and Ananda (Being, Awareness and Bliss) are inherent in man.”

How to manifest them, after becoming aware of them? Baba said that the method is 'Sathyasya Sathyam', ie. Truth, through Truth. The Truth has to be developed or seen or experienced through the Truth already latent in us.

"I will give you a small example.” He said. "To see the moon, you don’t have to collect candles or carry a hurricane lantern or a petromax lamp! You have to see the moon by the rays emanated by the moon itself! You see the moon, through the moon.”

Then, He passed on to the main topic, the career of Mahabali and the way God fulfilled his life, and the lessons we have to derive from the episode.

The matter referred to by Bhagawan about knowing "The Truth through Truth" had its impact on me at that moment. Later, I was ruminating over the statement, in the depth of my mind.

Now comes the miracle.

That afternoon, sitting on the sand strewn grounds of Prasanthi Nilayam, waiting for Darshan, when Bhagawan comes out from His room, I heard an elderly man telling a youth who was deeply engrossed in reading a book, "When you meet Baba, you come to the end of all reading.”

He spoke in Marathi, and I felt it as a sledge hammer stroke; the circuit was complete. Yes! Why have a petromax lamp to see the moon?

I thought to myself, "How true!” How many people must be reading and reading or hearing and studying ABOUT spirituality, without LIVING it! Such efforts are like arranging petromax lamps to see the Moon.

When you meet Baba, you come to the end of reading about spirituality. You begin to LIVE spirituality, to see Truth through Truth.

"Are you writing a drama?” Swami asked me in September of 1996. When I answered 'yes' He then talked about Surya, one of the students whom I had brought to the Summer Course the previous year. "Very good actor, Very good singer,” Swami said. Those words were tantamount to a command. And the process of writing, casting and producing a drama for Bhagawan Baba's 71st birthday had begun; a process complete with Sai leelas to remind us that He is in complete command, in all ways and always. With the help of Audre Johnston in New York, we began the necessary research and writing for the play that was entitled "Abraham Lincoln: The Dharmic Leader”.

The two principal characters were cast in California but it was more difficult to fill the smaller roles. I phoned a Sai friend in Connecticut to find out who was going to India for the birthday. While talking, I had a sudden and strong thought to ask if her husband, who had never been to India, would be interested in playing a role. "Curt has never been on stage before and he has never been to India,” she said. "He has promised me that one day he will go with me. It is my deepest prayer that he comes but this is short notice and his company is very busy. I'll certainly ask and let you know but it is very unlikely." Fifteen minutes later, I received a phone call. Bitsy was breathless with excitement. "He said yes! I can't believe it. He will call you tomorrow morning from the office to get more information. I can't believe it! My prayers are answered! How wonderful!" The following morning, Curt phoned, "I have never been on stage before. What part would I play?" he asked. I told him that our drama was on Abraham Lincoln and that he would be a member of Lincoln's cabinet, William Seward. There was a long silence and I wondered if the connection had been broken. "Curt, are you there?” I asked, "Yes, I am but what did you say?" he answered. I repeated that his role would be that of William Seward who was Lincoln's Secretary of State. "Oh," Curt said, and paused, "I wrote my thesis on Seward." It was clearly a Divine Intervention wrapped in His Leela. Others were to follow.

The play had been cast, but a large backdrop had to be created for the Poorna Chandra stage. In reply to an announcement made at the two local Sai Centres, six artists came forth to offer their help. Splendid work it was too. It was an example of working together in high spirits and happy harmony. The team soon agreed on a theme and on the appropriate colours to be used.

However, we needed to find an appropriately wide backdrop fabric, preferably seamless, and we needed to have it quickly. At that point, one of the artists who works as a set designer phoned to tell me that exactly what we wanted was most unexpectedly offered to him free of charge provided it could be taken at once! It just so happened that one of the other artists lived around the corner from the theatre and the fabric was delivered almost immediately. A few minutes later, I received an excited phone call from the artist whose home was being used for the work to be done. "The material is here and it is perfect." she said, "and I just found the name of the manufacturer stamped on the corner of the cloth: it reads as Sai-Clo-Rama!"

Shortly after, the paint arrived and then another phone call: "The name of the paint manufacturer is Murali! Isn't that wonderful!" With the ego free pooling of creative energy, artistic temperament was centered on the unity that comes from loving service to Sai. The names of Rama, Krishna and Sai were present and the product and the leelas were memorably beautiful.

Although there was little rehearsal time, the play went well and the experience of the 71st Birthday was perfect. Upon return to the United States, four of the players who lived in Connecticut felt guided to open a new Sai Centre in their area. This is now happily functioning as a successful effect of the Lincoln drama. Nothing happens without His Will and what Grace to be permitted the opportunity to be His Instruments!

H. H., New York