People of other countries referred to this country by several names. However, even now, when Indians go abroad, they introduce themselves saying, “I am from Delhi; I am from Kolkata; I am from Bengaluru”, etc., instead of replying “I am from Bharath.” These are actually cities and regions which form part of India. Hence, it would be appropriate to say that you are from India. Wherever you go, you must be proud to refer to yourself as Bharatheeyas.

The name ‘Bharatha’ has great significance. ‘Bha’ refers to 'Bhagawan' or 'God' and ‘ratha’ refers to 'Love'. Thus, Bharatheeyas are people who love God. The country of Bharath has acquired its name on account of such people inhabiting it.

(Divine Discourse on Onam, 12th September 2008)


"Are you staying a little time?" "Of course, of course!" I said "Come back the day after tomorrow, and I give one hour to discuss all these things." The words, when read, might appear casual, but Swami talks to you as if you are the only person in the world. He does so with tender concern, intimacy and emphasis, looking into your eyes, and with that beautiful, understanding smile. He gives everything...writes Peggy Mason.

With a last smile to us both, He turned towards an inner room through a curtain. He seemed to float away rather than walk, with that gentle movement which is indescribable. I have to keep on using the word "gentle" in connection with Baba. He is the embodiment of love. If, on occasion, He ever appears stern in any way, it is only the appearance, only out of love, if correction is needed, or in order to induce people to examine themselves, to "enquire within", for their own sake.

I have no idea how long or how short that interview was, for time stands still in His presence. One is transported to another dimension. When He bestows personal attention, one experiences so much more than any actual words—from His expressions, movements, voice, and being within that radiant rose pink aura, 'the memory of which can never dim once it has been experienced.

The fact is that no one can attempt to analyse or explain anything about Him. As He once gave out: "I am beyond the reach of the most intensive inquiry and the most meticulous measurement. Only those who have recognised My love and experienced that love can assert that they have glimpsed My reality"

I passed a strange but wonderful night. My whole being, seemed galvanized into greater intensity and life.

During the interview Swami did what I am sure He had planned to do the day before! He took hold of my chain and pendant again, and asked: "Wouldn't you like a real one? This is imitation." Whereupon He circled His hand in the air and produced a charming silvery disc with His face on one side and the OM sign on the other. What a joy! It was of course what I had secretly longed for, but would not ask!

A little later He asked Ron what He wanted. Ron said, "To love more, and something from you, Swami." Immediately Swami circled His hand again, and produced a gorgeous oval ring made of Swami's "five metals," with a coloured picture of His head in enamel.

He leaned forward and pushed it firmly onto the fourth finger of Ron's left hand. It fitted perfectly, and was exactly what Ron had day dreamed about in the aeroplane on the flight to India- even the correct finger!

But a further and most unexpected blessing was yet to come which completely overwhelmed me. During a general conversation Swami turned to me again, and asked, "Do you do sadhana?" (a form of prayer and meditation). "Yes, Swami." "When?" "At night, Swami." To my wonderment He circled His hand several times in the air. As everyone gasped, out fell a long, beautiful 108 bead japamala—rosary necklace. Its total length, were if undone, is 48 inches and can be worn doubled round the neck and still be ample.

It just streamed down from his fingers like a cascade of crystal light. With an almost casual gesture, He spread it out with both hands and threw it over my head onto my shoulders without touching a single hair. "Oh Swami!" was all I could say, hardly believing that I had been blessed with two gifts from Him at one interview! (And always there was Vibhuti).

This is what He has said about such gifts: "Do not crave from Me trivial material objects: but crave for Me, and you would be rewarded. Not that you should not receive whatever objects I give as sign of grace out of the fullness of love.

"I shall tell you why I give these rings, talismans, rosaries, etc. It is to mark the bond between me and those to whom they are given. When calamity befalls them, the article comes to me in a flash and returns in a flash, taking from me the remedial grace of protection. That grace is available to all who call on Me in any name or form, not merely to those who wear these gifts. Love is the bond that wins grace.”

(from Sanathana Sarathi, September, 1980)