Sai Spiritual Showers:               VOLUME 3  issue 28 thu december 22, 2011
AUM - THE PRANAVA CAN SAVE THE WORLD FROM PRALAYA: Life is a mighty river and desires constitute its water. Thoughts are the innumerable little waves in this river. Aspirations are the crocodiles that abound in it and illusions are its whirlpools. Only a yogi can cross such a terrible river, as he alone has gained control over the modifications of the mind. To cross such a river, a boat is absolutely necessary. 'AUM' the name of God is the boat that takes you across the river. The ancient Rishis had crossed the turbulent river of life with the boat of 'Pranava' with ease. 'Pranava' has the power to save the world from 'Pralaya' (great deluge). -Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai
The Divine Surgeon: Divine visitations have been a regular phenomenon around the globe ever since the young Sathya came forth declaring Himself as the Avatar Of The Age...These myriad visitations often happen in His own inimitable style, wherein He dons caps many, assuming varied roles, saving devotees. Read on an interesting story of a miraculous cure as Sai donned the role of a Divine Surgeon, an article by Sri K. Karthikeyan from Malaysia, Sanathana Sarathi Issue # Aug 1982.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba came into our lives during the latter half of 1978 when we were transferred to Raub, Pahang, Malaysia. Prior to that, although hailing from a Hindu religious family, much controversy and corruption of religious ethics, coupled with fanaticism of a certain ideology, shattered whatever belief and devotion I had for Hinduism.

Light came after a short period of darkness when in Raub we were 'introduced' to Bhagawan in His own way. Love sprouted spontaneously for Bhagawan and my family was put in the right direction and devotion. Things began to fall in the right perspective and our lives have become smooth and peaceful under the guidance of the Divine Guru.

Bhagawan's miracles were many and amongst others the latest is when Bhagawan became a surgeon to correct a bone deformity of my youngest child, Roshan.

Roshan, a boy of 8 years, is the youngest of my three children. This boy was born with a bowing deformity on both legs, but more pronounced in the left. It never struck us that the boy, who was walking by throwing his left foot across the right in the form of a 'T", needed treatment until one day on 7.10.81 he was referred to the Orthopaedic Consultant in the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. The consultant, who was from India, on examining the boy opined that he was having a rare bone deformity which can only be corrected by surgery. The consultant fixed an operation date, but on our plea, he arranged for a second X-ray. He had a good look at a set of X-ray pictures taken prior to seeing him.

With heavy hearts we returned home thinking to ourselves the pain and agony the child would be undergoing if surgery was to be performed. We were more worried about the outcome of it. What would happen if something were to go wrong? Thoughts of the consultant's words that the leg bones have to be "reset" sent cold waves down our spines. We prayed to Bhagawan for help.

My wife, who easily breaks down due to motherly affection, was expressing her sorrow and simultaneously endeavouring to conceal it. As the father, I was trying to put up a bold front. However, both of us had one common stand. Leave it to Bhagawan and apply His BLESSED VIBHUTI on both his legs before he goes to bed. My wife did it continuously for three days.

On the fourth day, as usual, the boy was having tuition from his mother at home. Suddenly he complained of severe twisting pains in both his legs, but more pronounced in the left. The pain, according to him, was felt right up to his hips. The mother doubted the words of the boy, as he was known for his tricks to avoid his lessons. He would seize the slightest pretext to run away. But continuous pain inhibited the boy from learning further and he went to bed in tears. The whole matter was left at that stage and I was not made known of it either.

The next day, when I was having my lunch, my son happened to pass by and something caught my eyes. It appeared that there was some change in the style of his walking. Without making him aware, I asked him to walk to a certain point in the house and what did I see? The boy walked perfectly normally. There was not the 'T' formation when he walked. I called my wife and, even without informing her about my experience, requested her to observe the walk. We could not believe our eyes. We asked the boy to run a short distance on the road opposite our house. It was done. The Divine Surgeon, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, had done it. What shall we say? How shall we express ourselves over this MIRACLE?

On 9.12.81, we had an appointment with Dato Dr. Sivanantham, Head of the Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, as the previous consultant had returned to India. We went into the doctor's room loaded with a fresh set of X-rays taken on that very day. We informed the doctor, that we are Sai Baba devotees and told him of Baba's miracle that had taken place. We requested his professional opinion even though we needed no further proof. The X-rays were seen, the boy's legs were thoroughly examined and a brief silence preceded before the doctor commented that the legs were perfect. In his own words 'I wish the doctor (from India) was here to witness this'. We requested Dr. Sivanantham for a statement of his professional findings, which he kindly consented to give. I reproduce below, with his permission, the report he gave to us.

'Roshan, an eight years old Indian male, was seen in the Orthopaedic Clinic on 2.9.81 with a complaint of bowing deformity of his left leg since the time of his birth. He is handicapped by this deformity in his games in school and was shunned by his classmates as he could not run fast. He was seen on the 7th October 1981 by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in my Institute who confirmed that the boy had a medial torsion deformity of both tibiae (leg bones) more pronounced on the left than on the right. Patient was advised to undergo surgical treatment but the parents wanted time to think over it before giving the consent for surgery.

'Patient was seen again by me on the 9th of December 1981, and to my surprise I was not able to detect any deformity in both the legs. X-rays of the legs done on 9.12.81 did not show any deformity in the bones.

'It is a well-known fact that deformity in children can get corrected spontaneously but this process takes many years. In this particular case the deformity has corrected itself within two months. According to the parents the boy complained of twisting pain in the legs for a few days and suddenly one fine morning they noticed him to be walking and running normally without any deformity in the legs. I cannot explain it in any other way except by saying that this is a miracle that is to be seen to be believed'.

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