A quizzical smile, an intend gaze, a hand gesture, every move of Bhagawan is packed with indepth meaning, and every word He utters is suffused with Divine Wisdom, that would not necessarily be transparent to all. A Bhagawan's student shares with us one such anecdote that throws light into His unfathomable Divine touch, that crosses the realms of human perceptions. Read on for an account by Sri K. Suresh, an alumnus of Sathya Sai University as published in Fragrance - A Tale of Love, souvenir brought out by the School of Business Management - Accounts and Finance, Sri Sathya Sai University.

It was a serene evening in the Mandir during the rainy season of 1990. Along with another brother of mine I was blessed to secure a strategic spot in the front portico. From here we had a clear view of Swami’s throne in the Bhajan Hall. I was reading a book on Swami’s miracles in Africa. I was particularly drawn to an incident where two of the devotees who were driving a car on an express way at speeds over 110 km/s suddenly met with an accident. Their car was thrown out of the express way and into the bushes. The car was totally smashed and there was no chance that its occupants would survive such a crash. The devotees in the car however had taken the Lord’s name on their lips at the critical juncture and had escaped unscathed. I couldn’t but help remark to my Sai Brother – ‘Look Swami is in Africa also’.

Some moments later Swami came out and paused and looked at me and my brother for a few seconds. I looked at Swami with reverence. Swami asked the students sitting in front of me to make way. A path was made for Swami in the tightly packed veranda. Swami walked straight up to me and then gazing into my eyes, remarked –“Dunnapotha! You are talking in the veranda”. Then after a small pause He continued, “I am here. I am in Africa. I am everywhere.” Saying this, He walked away with a nonchalant gait. Do I have to say anymore? Six years later while I was in search for a job, a Singapore based multinational company hired me and sent me on my first assignment to guess where: West Africa!

Heart to Heart Relationship

During my student days at Swami’s Lotus Feet, I learnt a lot through innumerable such instances. Many times it happened that Swami would refuse to accept a letter from me and I used to feel completely dejected. On one such occasion, Swami did not accept my letter for many days at a stretch. One fine day, He suddenly called me and literally grabbed the letter from my hands. Even without opening the letter, He went on to reveal its contents and concluded with a great revelation, ‘I need not go through your letter to know its contents. The prayer in your heart reaches me instantaneously, even before you pen down your thoughts.’ To be frank, after this incident I reduced the ‘written mail’ and instead concentrated on heartfelt prayers. This is what Swami implies when He exhorts us to develop ‘a heart to heart relationship’ with Him.