Sai Spiritual Showers: Volume 3  Issue 72 Thu, Oct 12, 2012
sparks from the divine anvil
Having been blessed with the golden opportunity to be in closer proximity of Bhagawan, how many of us are able to justify, sincerely attempting to make Him ‘happy’ by following His teachings? How every single action is scrutinized by His omnipresent vision and how one can become worthy of His eternal presence by following Him...a beautiful incident from Sri Gopal Krishna Yachendra of the Venkatagiri Royal family.

One day I had spoken harshly to my father. I didn’t do anything apart from talking rather harshly, as if we were fighting. That happened in Venkatagiri. Later I went to Puttaparthi. There in Puttaparthi I used to sleep by Baba’s side. In fact all of us usually slept by His side – myself, my brother, and so on. But on this particular occasion I was there along with Him. We were taking rest, and I was silent. Swami said to me: ‘Gopal Krishna, why should you come here? You are wasting My time and your time. Hereafter, don’t come here.’ ‘Swami,’ I said, ‘what have I done? If there is anything I have done, please excuse me!’ And I began weeping. He said: ‘When you can’t respect your father, and when you talk to him so harshly (as you did that particular day in Venkatagiri), there arises the question of your coming and wasting My time and yours. If you do such things, don’t come here. The most important people for you are your father and mother; they are the people who have given you this body. Yes, they are the people who matter for you. Be careful! If these things happen again you will be prohibited from visiting Me. This is the final warning!’

This incident happened about four or five months after the harsh words with my father in Venkatagiri. I had almost forgotten about it and never thought of it, but it was a fact. Baba used the exact wording I had used to my father. He described the room, the day, the very minute – everything. And what more do I want than that for proof that Sai Baba is God omnipresent?