Sai Spiritual Showers VOLUME 2 issue 93 thu, APR  28, 2011
Lead Kindly Light, Oh! Beloved!
Significance of the Sai Advent: Now it is  time for humanity to pause and introspect dwelling on the Love Sojourn of God Incarnate - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. In this testing phase, every one who believed in His Avatarhood should consider himself or herself to be a droplet of God by name Sri Sathya Sai and march on praying to Lead the Kindly Light...Read on an interesting article from Sanathana Sarathi, Jan 1989, extracted from an address given at Guru Poornima celebrations in London on July 16, 1988 by Sir George Trevelyan.

The whole assumption that the planet is there for us to exploit is false. We are not mere observers of nature. We are nature. The human being is that point where nature becomes self-conscious and can lift out in thought into the universe and think God's thoughts again, can reflect God's thoughts, and receive the ever present God into heart and into mind. We are making this discovery, this greatest of all experiences, that God is wherever there is life, light and love, wherever we allow love and light to come into our hearts and into our thinking.

It is wonderful to realise that God is there within our own thinking. "I am with you always, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet." What is closer than breathing? The answer surely is thinking. "I AM there in your thinking." Look at the implications of this. This is the message. This is the thought for our generation and our time. This is the point which we have got to apprehend and make conscious and utilise. God and all His creatures, your guardian angel, your higher self, speak within your own thinking.

Man in God's image

Will you try this little experiment? Look into another person's eyes. You need not smile, need not respond for this idea goes beyond individual personalities. Just realise the wonder of this organ which enables the angelic world or God to look out from within nature and see creation from the inside, not merely looking down upon the planet in its beauty, but entering it through that organ of perception in nature which we call Humanity. It is God looking out of your eyes at Himself in mine.

We are looking through into that vast being of which God said "Let us make man in our own image." This immense spiritual being of humanity is everywhere and Earth, this gem of a planet, is the chosen point at which this divine experiment can take place. It involved the releasing of a hierarchy of spiritual beings into this chosen planet, and giving them freedom, which involves
freedom to err. It is the great gamble of the gods, the great experiment to create a hierarchy of spiritual beings, who, having freedom, are ultimately able to come back again to God out of free choice.

The forces of light are forbidden to interfere with human freedom, and therefore the great guiding beings must watch and wait until a human being out of its heart rededicates itself to service of the Lord. When it has really made that choice in action, it is possible for that force of light to be flooded through the human being. Without interfering with freedom by free choice, you have elected to become a warrior for God in the great period of coming change.

Higher forces at work

Think what is happening now in this room. Here are gathered dedicated followers of God, recognising in Sai Baba a true manifestation of God upon earth. When a company comes together in such a setting as this, the whole force field of vibration is raised. A higher frequency is created in this setting. This is indeed the task of every cathedral, or temple, whatever the religion. A point of ethereal space is created within the temple, into which a divine being can descend into the heavy slow vibration of the earth plane without being contaminated. The noble architecture of any temple, of whatever religion, is enclosing sacred space and when we come into it in a mood of prayer and dedication, we are entering a force field of high frequency linked with the spiritual sun. As we meet here today dedicated in the service of Sai Baba as a true manifestation of God in the human layer, we may be certain that these energies are in fact flooding golden light into this space on a level which our ordinary vision of course cannot as yet see.

"Droplet of God"

Remember the great truth—as in the macrocosm so in the microcosm. The human body is the temple. That which can say "I" in you and me, is a droplet of God, housed temporarily in a very beautiful and compact mobile temple that is the body. You are not your body. You, the thing that can say I, is a spiritual being, part of God and therefore axiomatically immortal and imperishable because God is Life. For that being there literally cannot be any death. The temple can of course be destroyed burnt, drowned, frozen, smashed, but that does no more than release the immortal droplet of God back to source.

Humanity is really still in a pre-birth condition. Consciousness in all of us is awakening to the divinity of the totality of humanity of which we are each cells. At this time the divine world is so close. The manifestation of God that we call Sai Baba has entered the Earth and not only is there in Puttaparthi but is everywhere and is here and knows all that each one of us is thinking. This is a most wonderful thought, but as the Greeks said; "knowledge begins with wonder." So wonder at this.

Take the idea that we are each a droplet of God and we are therefore one great being of Humanity. Thus if I hurt, criticise, rob or kill you, I shall be hurting myself.

I will put this lovely idea in my heart and in my thinking. I know that I am a divine droplet and so are you and we are therefore One on this level. Glory be! I know that God is not far behind the stars. He is everywhere. He, in this case, Sai Baba, is in this room and in the thinking of every one of us. Wonder upon wonder and privilege beyond all privileges! We have been given freedom and the forces of light will not take us over without our consent, which the forces of darkness are prepared to do. They have no compunction about direct attack to get hold of the human being. Therefore, what we can do is to surround ourselves with a protective shield, or Cloak of higher light vibration. Now, knowing that there is no true protection but in God, you would then have absolute protection in rededicating self to this adventure of the in-flooding of the God power. This is truly the greatest adventure that the human being can undertake.

All of us here now are droplets of God and identifying with the one great being which is humanity. With us in this ethereal space is not only Sai Baba Himself, that Universal Being, but the angelic world in force. Take that thought and fire as if it were true. You need not believe, because these ideas are themselves living beings and therefore such an idea as I have tried to describe will draw certainty to itself. As you live with it you come absolutely to know what is true beyond any argument. Never argue about these things. Remember when the great Karl Jung, in one of the last press interviews before he died, was asked "Do you believe in God?" he replied, "No, I don't believe in God, I know." That is a great thought. We know and we can act on this inner knowledge. So in that sense we know validly that Sai Baba is a universal manifestation of God and that He is present with every human being and therefore knows everyone of our problems.

I will close with one little quatrain by James Elroy Flecker,

"Awake! Awake! the world is young
For all its weary years of thought.
The starkest fights must still be fought.
The most surprising songs be sung."

Let us sing together!

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