An interview with Swami is a cherished dream for any devotee. One can always fantasise about the euphoria of getting inside, conversing with Him and if possible, receive His priceless gift of ‘materialisation’. How many of us really introspect and analyse on this ‘desire’ for an interview with Swami to help judge ourselve about our deservedness for such a Divinely prompted happening. Here comes one, whose desire for an interview which was an obsession finally led him to ‘read His heart’ during every darshan session, listening to Him through the language of the heart, granting him eternal interviews. Read on an interesting article by a listener, as published in Sanathana Sarathi, March 1981.

"Did Swami give you an interview?"

"No, not really."

"Well, did He talk to you?"

"Yes, sort of."

"What do you mean He didn't really give you an interview and He sort of talked to you? Did He or didn't He?"

"Swami never called me inside for an interview, but He gave me many. He spoke only a few words to me, yet He talked to me many times."

"I don't understand."

"I don't understand, either—except know. I know that with every Darshan Baba communicated with me. I know that whenever my thoughts were on Baba, and even now, whenever I think of Baba, He is communicating with me. He is teaching me the language of the heart."

“Wouldn’t you rather have an interview?"

“Oh many times I've prayed for that coveted interview; many times I sat in darshan thinking I would burst with yearning for that interview, as others around me were being called in. Holding back the tears finally became a challenge with each darshan, and the possibility of an interview seemed more and more remote."

"What happened?"

"Well, I finally had to take a look at why I ever wanted an interview. I was hoping that Baba would tell me everything I needed to know in order to be happy. I was hoping He would tell me what I must do in order to progress in the spiritual path. I was hoping He would tell me the future, where I would live, work, etc. I was hoping He would tell me something about my loved ones. Most of all, I wished to see Him in the role others described as smiling and cheerful and materializing things—as He does in interviews. I wanted Him to give me His attention and His love. I wanted to return to my country and say that I'd spoken with Sai Baba and He'd said such and such and He did such and such. At last, I'd found the culprit! All these reasons for wanting an interview were based on wishes and desires."

"Did you ever stop wanting an interview?"

"No, but I stopped being obsessed with wanting one and started paying more attention to my thoughts; what happened before and after certain thoughts; what would happen during Darshan with these thoughts, etc. Whenever I’d pray for an interview I'd find myself getting anxious; my palm would sweat and my heart would pound and I'd be so uncomfortable. If I merely sat and watched Baba as He mingled with the crowd, comforting someone, joking with another, taking letters, blessing some I found a certain pleasure and peace in merely seeing Him and being in His Presence. If I was particularly bothered with some problem or other, and in my mind gave it to Baba, very often the answer or solution would be revealed to me through a certain gesture or look from Him. Also many times I would happen to sit next to someone, who, in sharing a few words gave me the answer."

"And what if you didn't get an answer?”

"Well, it probably wasn't the time to be getting an answer; It would come later, or what I at first thought was a problem really wasn't worth the worry."

"Does that still happen? Do you still get answers that way?"

"Yes, if I pay attention; and most of all if my thoughts and actions are with Baba then the answer comes. But that is only one aspect of the language of the heart. There is so much more He is teaching us. We are constantly surrounded with His messages and signs. It is up to us to listen and to see."

"If you see Swami again will you ask Him for an interview?"

"I don't know. I really would prefer to become fluent in the language of the heart and be in Eternal Interview."

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