Bhagawan has often said that He was endeavouring hard to postpone the announcement of His Avatarhood, until, at last the call became irresistible in His fourteenth year. Even during His childhood, His Divine powers broke through and astounded all who experienced them. He could see forward into the future and back into the past. He could read people’s minds like the pages of a book. He could create anything out of nothing. Above all, words of profound wisdom—the Authentic Voice—itself fell from those lips, when He cared to advise or admonish anyone.

Nothing more clearly illustrates this aspect of His Avatarhood than the advice He gave to different Sanyasis, at two different times, one, while He was a ‘young lad of fifteen’ and the other sixteen years later. Strangely enough, the advice He gave them both are identical. These two instances reveal that only an Avatar can penetrate so deeply into personality, admonish with such love and compassion, and grant boons with such assurance and authority.

In 1967, Bhagawan had an occasion to meet a Sanyasi. He was a profound scholar in Eastern and Western philosophy, and a noted practitioner of Raja Yoga. He was more than seventy years old, and engaged in establishing and fostering centres of a certain religious organisation. After his interview with Baba, this Sanyasi spoke about it at a meeting at Puttaparthi itself, and so, it is best to give here a summary of what he himself said then. “It is wonderful! Baba told me about a rare and elevating Yogic experience I had, years before He (Baba) was ‘born’! He rebuked me mildly for running about with the delusion, that I am doing great good to the world by my activities. He said that, if only I continued my Yogic Sadhanas, from the stage to which that early experience has elevated me, I would, from whatever retreat I was in, do more good to the world than by my present efforts. This was an advice no one had so far blessed me with; and, it struck me as most correct and timely, for my spiritual development. And, turning to me, while I was leaving His Presence, He said, “Wherever you are, do not have any worry! I shall look after you and give you sustenance!” The self-same words He spoke sixteen years back to Digambara Swami, the naked saint who had come to Bukkapattanam! He had advised him then: “If you have cut off all relationships with society and social decencies and I do not say it is wrong, then, your place is in some forest or mountain cave.” “On the other hand, if you have the craving for the comforts of social life do not have this show of non-attachment.” These were the words that fell from the lips of the ‘teenage boy’ and, He continued, “I know your problem. You are afraid that you won’t get food regularly, if you retire from the company of men, isn’t it?” asked Baba and, mark these words “Well! I assure you that I shall give you food, regularly wherever you are, in the Himalayas or in Dandakaranya!” The Authentic Voice. Who else, but only an Avatar could give that assurance and honour it as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba does?