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Among the Pandava Brothers, Arjuna was the greatest bowman of his time. He had the mighty bow, the Gandiva and the most destructive arrow, the Divine Pashupata. Next, there was Bhima. The might of his shoulders, the irresistible mace which he wielded—who not heard of them? Nevertheless, these two brothers bent their heads before the eldest brother, Dharmaja, whose only strength lay in his fortitude, equanimity and mental peace; they never transgressed his wish even by a hair's breadth! At the present time, America is the Arjuna; Russia is Bhima; Bharat (India) is Dharmaja. Still, Bharat is giving up its unique status, and imitating America and Russia, following their ways of life. This is pitiable ignorance.

The Vedic Dharma is the best; it is complete and full. It is beyond Time. The other Faiths are as its sons, grandsons and great grandsons. The Vedic Dharma or the Hindu Dharma is the grandfather, Buddhism is the son, Christianity the grandson and Islam the great grandson—the later has drawn inspiration from the earlier. They all belong to a family of faiths; if only, this fact is well understood, there is no room for misunderstanding or hatred; nor can any arise.

It is a piece of good fortune to be born in Bharat; but, it is really, a lamentable misfortune that the children of Bharat do not pay attention to the inexhaustible Atma-shakti that is latent in them; they do not strive to know about it. So too, they do not try to know about their country and the supremacy of the Vedic dharma.

At this, I asked, "You say, we are unable to know about this inexhaustible Shakti, though it is latent in us. Kindly explain how this has happened. To this Baba replied, "I shall illustrate it by means of a short story. A rich merchant once went to a holy place, to attend the temple festival. A thief too followed him, in order to knock off his purse; but, he posed as a companion proceeding to the same place, for the same festival. They stayed in a Dharmasala for the night. When everyone had gone into deep sleep, the thief who kept awake until then, rose and searched everywhere for the merchant's bag. He could not lay hands on it, in spite of the restless search. When day broke he told the merchant in a friendly manner. "There are thieves in this place; I hope you are taking good care of your bag, which holds all your money." The merchant replied, "O yes. Last night, I kept it right under your pillow. See, how safe it is!" So saying he took it from underneath the thief's pillow! God is like that merchant; he has placed the bag holding Atmashakti, Atmajnana, and unalloyed happiness in the head of man. But, man is ignorant of this; he seeks to acquire that Shakti, that Jnana and that happiness from all other places, except his own self! He gets only despair as reward.

I intervened and asked, "They say that miracles should not be done, that they are dangerous for the Sadhaka, obstacles in his path. Is that true?" Baba answered, "You cannot apply the same rule to every instance; there are exceptions. Of course, if miracles are done to exhibit power, they heighten egotism and are dangerous. As signs of Divine Shakti, evidences of Divinity I am doing them. I am granting things out of Prema, in order to develop in men attachment to God and the Godly Path. I intend that the recipients should be filled with Prema. I have no desire of any kind. My talk is of Love, My path is the path of Love.

I am not aware of grief or want. I am the embodiment of Ananda: I have not had even moment's grief, nor can I ever have it. When a person with grief is before Me, I feel I shall experience his misery; but, misery and grief cannot enter the field of My Experience. I have no such emotion as anger. Why, I have no emotions at all, nothing can affect Me. The reason is, I have no desire. Mine is complete detachment. As a result, however much I exert Myself, I am as fresh as ever.

Vivekananda did not have full faith in his Guru, Ramakrishna in the early years of contact. But, Ramakrishna knew that through him, mighty spiritual tasks have to be achieved. So, in order to establish him firmly in the spiritual path, Ramakrishna touched him, with his hand. The miracle of that touch wiped off completely, the doubts that pestered Vivekananda. There is no egotism in this miracle; no craving for exhibition; it caused no injury to anyone; it is born out of love and is filled with love; it is a sign of Divine power; it opened the path for liberation."

I asked, "It is said that by miracles, things that are already somewhere are transported. The things that you grant—are they thus transported or created?" Baba replied, "They are all newly created. Transporting means, they should come from somewhere else, isn't it? That would be deceit. Things are created the very moment I will them. I give also things that are found nowhere. This Shakti is impossible to comprehend."

I continued, "From when have you begun to give these signs of Divine Power?" Baba said, "From childhood. At school, I used to create chocolates, marbles and other articles for the children around Me." I asked, "There are some who produce things in miraculous ways and offer them. Do they transfer them from somewhere or create them anew? How can we know it?" Baba said, "Ask them. Why should I speak of those people?"

I placed a statement I had heard, before Him: "They also say that this Shakti will disappear after some time" Baba asked me, "Why are you bothered with others now? I vouchsafed things with Prema; My Prema will not decline or diminish."

I placed another question before Him: "At what age did you acquire this Divine Power or Shakti? Baba said, "From My very birth—from before that." I intercepted with an exclamation, "That is to say..." Baba continued, "That is to say, I resolved upon My own Birth. I decided who is to be the mother. Mere humans can choose only who is to be the wife or husband; in the Rama incarnation, in the Krishna incarnation, the mothers were chosen by the 'Son'. Then too, the task for which the birth was resolved upon, was the same—conferring Prema.

I did not ask any further questions. To the questions presented before Him by others, Baba answered in some detail about the best system of education for the young, so that they can become useful for themselves and others, and similar subjects. When Sri Sathya Sai Baba left the place, with Hon'ble Sri. P. K Savant, all of us recollected with great joy the illuminating conversation we were privileged to have. Sri Balasaheb Bharde turned to me and said, "Baba is the source, the repository of Yoga Dharma Jnana and Prema." That summary thrilled me greatly.

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