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Mrs. Jayalakshmi Gopinath, Warden, Anantapur Hostel
In Kodaikanal, I got the opportunity, I mustered courage…looked at Him and said. He had just got up from the chair. He was so concerned whether everything was ready for the dinner for all of us. He hardly eats anything, I know it. As He was coming, I said, "Swami, it is not difficult for Swami to cure Himself, Swami, just do this, everything will be alright". And you know the answer, fellow devotees. It went like a shaft into my heart. I could write it in golden letters and stand on top of Mount Everest itself and proclaim, "In the whole world, God is perfection. I will tell in Telugu, it will be more sweet. Nenu Mee Andariki Mee Jabbalu Nayam Chesthana? Mari Nenu Naku Endaku Chesukuntanu? (Do I cure the diseases of everybody? So why should I cure Myself?) What an ideal!- Read More..

Former Vice Chancellor Sri S.V.Giri:
Reminiscences are plenty, almost thirty years plus by now. And yet every step I think that I distinctly recall, "Padhe, Padhe", Swami guides you. It's not merely Yuge Yuge, that's what the Vice Chancellor just now mentioned. He commanded that I be at Delhi . This was one occasion when I had to come back on account of certain major problems. Read More...

Vice Chancellor Sri Anil Vinayak Gokak:
I would also like to repeat what I said in the morning today - Bhagawan Baba is not a Vyaktinath (master of individuals), but He is a Lokanath (master of the world). He believes in multitudes not in solitudes. He wants to elevate humanity to higher levels of spiritual consciousness and His aim is different. Read More...

The Path of Total Surrender - An Interview with Sri K. Anil Kumar:
Rare episodes from the lives of two old and ardent devotees of Bhagawan Sri Ramabrahmam and Sri Kamavadhani, who have followed the path of total surrender to win His Grace and proximity. - Read More.....

I am 75 years old and was educated through primary and secondary schools and teacher training systems of Sierra Leone. I subsequently was admitted at Oxford University where I studied philosophy, politics and economics. I later became my country's High Commissioner (Ambassador) to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with further accreditations to Norway and Sweden. That was a political appointment which was later to be blown away by the political typhoons that characterised African politics in the 1970s in particular. Almost immediately after this experience, I came in contact with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in a miraculous way in late 1975. Mr. Victor Krishna Kanu, a veteran Sai devotee and a pioneer in EHV from Africa speaks to Prof. G.Venkataraman about the Sri Sathya Sai System of Education in Africa in a exclusive interview given to Radio Sai Global Harmony. - Read More......