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15th Nov 2012 Issue: “How uniquely he brings devotees unto Him...”

08th Nov 2012 Issue: “Sathya Sai Remembers His Kamandala 'In Shirdi'...”

01st Nov 2012 Issue: “Saved by a Photograph...”

25th Oct 2012 Issue: “Do not Waste My Time !?!”

18th Oct 2012 Issue: “A fateful hour of my life...”

11th Oct 2012 Issue: “When divine Magnet Pulls?!?...”

04th Oct 2012 Issue: “Your belief is not wrong; keep it up!”

27th Sep 2012 Issue: "Radha Bhakti..."

20th Sep 2012 Issue: "What a crow can teach"

13th Sep 2012 Issue: "Sathya Sai Baba about Shirdi Sai"

06th Sep 2012 Issue: "Siva Shakti"

30 Aug 2012 Issue: "Gloves and Grace."

23rd Aug 2012 Issue: "Swami knows everything about everybody..."

16th Aug 2012 Issue: "Discipline and Devotee"

09th Aug 2012 Issue: "Tak...Tak,,,Tak..."

02nd Aug 2012 Issue: "I gave you so much, still you need anything?"

26th Jul 2012 Issue: "Divine Pastime"

19th Jul 2012 Issue: "Experiencing His Presence"

12th Jul 2012 Issue: "Recognize Me and give Me a place in your heart"

05th Jul 2012 Issue: "Leelas...Leelas...and more Leelas"

28th Jun 2012 Issue: "He knocks at our door"

21st Jun 2012 Issue: "He Will Respond"

14th Jun 2012 Issue: "Miracles of Baba"

07th Jun 2012 Issue: "The Guess Came True"

31st May 2012 Issue: "Everywhere - His Hands and Feet"

24th May 2012 Issue: "We had the Vision"

17th May 2012 Issue: "Sri Sai Amba"

10th May 2012 Issue: "With two teeth"

03rd May 2012 Issue: "The Assurance"

26th Apr 2012 Issue: "He is Karuna"

19th Apr 2012 Issue: "How I was translated?"

12th Apr 2012 Issue: "Swami Amritananda's coming to the Nectarous Divine"

05th Apr 2012 Issue: "In Mid Air"

29th Mar 2012 Issue: "A Test of Love"

22nd Mar 2012 Issue: "The Continuous Presence"

15th Mar 2012 Issue: "Love at Work in Buenos Aires"

08th Mar 2012 Issue: "If Accepted"

01st Mar 2012 Issue: "By the Grace of God"

23rd Feb 2012 Issue: "Instant Alchemy"

16th Feb 2012 Issue: "Taste the Sweetness of The Song"

09th Feb 2012 Issue: "It's All His Grace"

02nd Feb 2012 Issue: "My Story - Silver Door"

26th Jan 2012 Issue: "Pranava Prasad"

19th Jan 2012 Issue: "Kiswahili"

12th Jan 2012 Issue: "Unceasing Grace"

05th Jan 2012 Issue: "The Taxi for the Big Hospital"

29th Dec 2011 Issue: "The Best Two Years of Our Lives"

22nd Dec 2011 Issue: "The Divine Surgeon"

15th Dec 2011 Issue: "Realise that Sai is the Goal of all Tapsya"

08th Dec 2011 Issue: "The Touch of Mother Sai"

01st Dec 2011 Issue: "Medical No-how"

24th Nov 2011 Issue: "Krishna's Final Flute Play!"

17th Nov 2011 Issue: "From Shirdi to Parthi"

10th Nov 2011 Issue: "Touch of His Gracious Presence"

03rd Nov 2011 Issue: "Vision of the Divine"

27th Oct 2011 Issue: "The Form and The Insignia"

20th Oct 2011 Issue: "Vision of the Lord"

13th Oct 2011 Issue: "His Message"

06th Oct 2011 Issue: "Prasanthi Nilayam"

29th Sep 2011 Issue: "Kuttan, The Lame"

22nd Sep 2011 Issue: "Sai Krishna"

15th Sep 2011 Issue: "Two Letters"

08th Sep 2011 Issue: "Radha is An Inseperable Part of Krishna"

01st Sep 2011 Issue: "The Heart of India and the World"

25th Aug 2011 Issue: "America's Initial Trails with Sai Movement"

18th Aug 2011 Issue: "The Secret of Liberation"

11th Aug 2011 Issue: "I Live For You"

04th Aug 2011 Issue: "Lessons from Mahabharatha"

28th Jul 2011 Issue: "Conversations with God"

21st Jul 2011 Issue: "Teardrops"

14th Jul 2011 Issue: "Guru-God"

07th Jul 2011 Issue: "Miracle of Transformation"

30th Jun 2011 Issue: "Light and Warmth"

23rd Jun 2011 Issue: "Temple Entry"

16th Jun 2011 Issue: "His Help is Assured"

09th Jun 2011 Issue: "The Fourteen Lokas"

02nd Jun 2011 Issue: "The Great Master"

26th May 2011 Issue: "Depart without Debt"

19th May 2011 Issue: "The Impact"

12th May 2011 Issue: "Dining With The Divine"

05th May 2011 Issue: "Easwaramma The Chosen Mother"

28th Apr 2011 Issue: "Significance of The Sai Advent"

21st Apr 2011 Issue: "Diseases Come and Go"

14th Apr 2011 Issue: "This One is Mine"

7th Apr 2011 Issue: "Shiva Shakthi Sai"

31st Mar 2011 Issue: "An Interview with God -Part II"

24th Mar 2011 Issue: "An Interview with God -Part I"

17th Mar 2011 Issue: "He Called Me!"

10th Mar 2011 Issue: "Karma"

03rd Mar 2011 Issue: "Punkhawala"

24th Feb 2011 Issue: "Sai on Sadhana"

17th Feb 2011 Issue: " From Tragedy to Truth"

10th Feb 2011 Issue: " A Divine Visiting Card in Italy"

03rd Feb 2011 Issue: " To Ask or Not To Ask"

27th Jan 2011 Issue: " Baba, The God of Bees!"

20th Jan 2011 Issue: " Swami's Saving Grace in Riyadh "

13th Jan 2011 Issue: "The Divine Director"

6th Jan 2011 Issue: " Boiuinngggg….Plp !"

30th Dec 2010 Issue: " New Year Blessings!"

23rd Dec 2010 Issue: " Christmas and The Avatar"

16th Dec 2010 Issue: " Vaikunta Ekadasi"

09th Dec 2010 Issue: "Day of Dedication"

02nd Dec 2010 Issue: "Gratitude"

25th Nov 2010 Issue: "The Haven of Healing Peace"

18th Nov 2010 Issue: "Happy Birthday"

11th Nov2010 Issue: "God - A Good Hearted Friend (Part II)"

04th Nov 2010 Issue: "God - A Good Hearted Friend (Part I)"

28th Oct 2010 Issue: "Glimpses of Baba"

21st Oct 2010 Issue: "Caught in a Trap"

14th Oct 2010 Issue: "Anthaa Swami Daya"

07th Oct 2010 Issue: "Use His Gifts for Serving Him"

30th Sep 2010 Issue: "God Father Einstein and Sai Baba Avatar (Part III)"

23rd Sep 2010 Issue: "God Father Einstein and Sai Baba Avatar (Part II)"

16th Sep 2010 Issue: "God Father Einstein and Sai Baba Avatar (Part I)"

09th Sep 2010 Issue: "Unto Him a Witness"

02nd Sep 2010 Issue: "Sathya Sai Krishna"

26th Aug 2010 Issue: "Please, Baba!"

19th Aug 2010 Issue: "The Devotee's Doubt and The Lord's Grace"

12th Aug 2010 Issue: "The Unbelievable"

05th Aug 2010 Issue: "Where Are You From?"

29th July 2010 Issue: "Transformation of Slum Children"

22nd July 2010 Issue: "An Argeninean Journalist's Journey Unto Sai"

15th July 2010 Issue: "Baba Answers"

08th July 2010 Issue: "Advice 'i' Discarded"

01st July 2010 Issue: "The Wish and its Fulfilment"

24th June 2010 Issue: "The Private Room"

17th June 2010 Issue: "Hand in Hand"

10th June 2010 Issue: "The Act of Surrender"

03rd June 2010 Issue: "Power of Devotion"

27th May 2010 Issue: "A Revelation of Sai Baba's Reality"

20th May 2010 Issue: "Be a Hero"

13th May 2010 Issue: "Hijackers Defeated"

06th May 2010 Issue: "Mother and The Avatar"

29th Apr 2010 Issue: "The Eternal Interview"

22nd Apr 2010 Issue: "The Tiger Skin"

15th Apr 2010 Issue: "The Sai Dream"

08th Apr 2010 Issue: "The Dream that Awakens"

01st Apr 2010 Issue: "The Quest for Quality"

25th Mar 2010 Issue: "The Four Brothers"

18th Mar 2010 Issue: "The Yoga of Surrender"

11th Mar 2010 Issue: "Parva Nai"

04th Mar 2010 Issue: "The Hills Did Thrill"

25th Feb 2010 Issue: "His Grace"

18th Feb 2010 Issue: "Paradise..."

11th Feb 2010 Issue: "Divine Grace"

04th Feb 2010 Issue: "The Moral Way"

28th Jan 2010 Issue: "I Will Not Lie Anymore, No More"

21st Jan 2010 Issue: "A Basket of Chocolates"

14th Jan 2010 Issue: "This,Too,Is Baba's Grace"

07th Jan 2010 Issue: "The Blessing Palm that Protected"

31st Dec 2009 Issue: "Welcoming The New"

24th Dec 2009 Issue: "Prasanthi Christmas" & "When God Descends on Earth"

17th Dec 2009 Issue: "Inexplicable"

10th Dec 2009 Issue: "Baba's Gift through Cowan"

03rd Dec 2009 Issue: "You Forgot"

26th Nov 2009 Issue: "Yes...Yes...Yes..."

19th Nov 2009 Issue: "Divine Playfulness: Steady Ready..."

12th Nov 2009 Issue: "A Rainbow Over India - Part 3"

05th Nov 2009 Issue: "A Rainbow Over India - Part 2"

29th Oct 2009 Issue: "A Rainbow Over India - Part 1"

22nd Oct 2009 Issue: "Divine Playfulness: Guess Who?"

15th Oct 2009 Issue: "From Esotera"

08th Oct 2009 Issue: "Faith and Patience"

01st Oct 2009 Issue: "Only HE"

24th Sep 2009 Issue: "Love Conquers All"

17th Sep 2009 Issue: "Fill Every Moment with Quality"

10th Sep 2009 Issue: "Who is the Greatest?"

03rd Sep 2009 Issue: "Letters to Baba..."

27th Aug 2009 Issue: "Farewell to an Old Friend"

20th Aug 2009 Issue: "Gifts of Gold"

13th Aug 2009 Issue: "It Blew My Mind..."

06th Aug 2009 Issue: "He, As The Other..."

30th Jul 2009 Issue: "The Power of Love"

23rd Jul 2009 Issue: "Is a Path Needed"

16th Jul 2009 Issue: "The Hand of God"

09th Jul 2009 Issue: "Beside, Behind, Before"

02nd Jul 2009 Issue: "We Need Him..."

25th Jun 2009 Issue: "Tension is Good!"

18th Jun 2009 Issue: "My Unsent Telegram"

11th Jun 2009 Issue: "The Vibhuti Box"

4th Jun 2009 Issue: "Baba and I... a conversation"

28th May 2009 Issue: "A Telegram to Save the Blind"

21st May 2009 Issue: "Sai and the Irate Missionary"

14th May 2009 Issue: "The New Me"

07th May 2009 Issue: "The Divine Call "

30th Apr 2009 Issue: "A Garland from the Kids "

23rd Apr 2009 Issue: "Truth is Strange "

16th Apr 2009 Issue: "Memorable Days with Bhagawan "

09th Apr 2009 Issue: "The Communicator "

02nd Apr 2009 Issue: "The Great Australian Miracle "

26th Mar 2009 Issue: "Learning the Lessons "

19th Mar 2009 Issue: "Happy! Happy! "

12th Mar 2009 Issue: "The Ego and The Avatar "

05th Mar 2009 Issue: "His Touch That Purifies "

26th Feb 2009 Issue: "Baba Answers "

19th Feb 2009 Issue: "Three Handfuls of Dust "

12th Feb 2009 Issue: "Sri Jodi Adipalli Somappa "

05th Feb 2009 Issue: "Oh, Ye of Little Faith! "

29th Jan 2009 Issue: "Tell Me About Sai Baba "

22nd Jan 2009 Issue: "Sai-lence"

15th Jan 2009 Issue: "Life is a Game - Play It "

08th Jan 2009 Issue: "Encounter in a Train "

01st Jan 2009 Issue: "Welcoming the New... "

25th Dec 2008 Issue: "The Questions " & "Carols in the Rain "

18th Dec 2008 Issue: "The Privilege of being a Sai Devotee"

11th Dec 2008 Issue: "The Safety Pin "

04th Dec 2008 Issue: "From Disability to Ability "

27th Nov 2008 Issue: "Lynn The Child -2 "

20th Nov 2008 Issue: "Lynn The Child -1 "

13th Nov 2008 Issue: "Lord of Ecstasy Filled Hair "

06th Nov 2008 Issue: "The Divine Call "

30th Oct 2008 Issue: "I am Initiated" & "Writing The Name "

23rd Oct 2008 Issue: "I am in Africa" & "Heart to Heart Relationship"

16th Oct 2008 Issue: "Significant Words" & "Bhagawan on Namasmarana"

09th Oct 2008 Issue: "Veda Purusha"

02nd Oct 2008 Issue: "Sai Ramazan"

25th Sep 2008 Issue: "Our Nearest Kith and Kin"

18th Sep 2008 Issue: "The Interviews"

11th Sep 2008 Issue: "A Continuous Presence"

04th Sep 2008 Issue: "Oh! The Experience of Breaking Away" & "Being with Thee... Learning to Be..."

28th August 2008 Issue: "Aura of Divinity"

21st August 2008 Issue: "Now, Take One More"

14th August 2008 Issue: "S, What is This?"

07th August 2008 Issue: "Translate to Transform"

31st July 2008 Issue: "Get Up! Get Up!"

24th July 2008 Issue: "How The Lord Chooses" & "The Bullet Proof Name"

17th July 2008 Issue: "Truth Through Truth" & "The Play Behind The Play"

10th July 2008 Issue: "A Gurupurnima Experience" & "Prasad, The Guru's Grace"

03rd July 2008 Issue: "Understanding... with Childlike Innocence " & "May Thy WIll Prevail "

26th June 2008 Issue: "No More Fires" & "These are for the Cat"

19th June 2008 Issue: "What Do You Want?" & "The Feeling..."

12th June 2008 Issue: "He is Greater than our Greatest Need" & "Contemporary Divinity"

05th June 2008 Issue: "The Agony of the Avatar" & "Transformation of the Heart"


22nd May 2008 Issue: "The Power of Words" & "The Divine Transformer"

15th May 2008 Issue: "Dialogue with the Divine" & "A Lesson to Lessen"

08th May 2008 Issue: "Seek ye First" & "The Agni Pariksha"

01st May 2008 Issue: "Mystery of the Missing Yogi"

24th April 2008 Issue: "A Mother's Story"

17th April 2008 Issue: "A Rainbow over Rome"

10th April 2008 Issue: "Who is Sri Sathya Sai Baba" & "Avatar's Words..."

3rd April 2008 Issue: "Be Exemplary Citizens" & "Pilgrimage to Prasanthi Nilayam"

27th March 2008 Issue: "I Play My Flute" & "The Miracle in Reverse"

20th March 2008 Issue: "Helping Hand at Himalayan Heights" & "Three Minutes Late"

13th March 2008 Issue: "When Bhagawan Comes Home Every Month" & "Glimpses of Baba"

06th March 2008 Issue: "It Is Done; You Can Go" & "The Glimpse He Granted"

28th February 2008 Issue: "The Unbelievable Prophecy" & "Chaitanya and the Thief"

21st February 2008 Issue: "From Prasanthi... To Prasanthi"

14th February 2008 Issue: "When Beauty was Being"

07th February 2008 Issue: "I Will Not Let Go the Grasp"

31st January 2008 Issue: "A Prasanthi Nilayam in the Border"

24th January 2008 Issue: "True Offering"

17th January 2008 Issue: "Blowing the Trumpet for God"

10th January 2008 Issue: "The Second Dose"

03rd January 2008 Issue: "How the Lord Guides"

27th December 2007 Issue: "Death of the Ego"

20th December 2007 Issue: "I am Involved"

13th December 2007 Issue: "Who is the Messiah?"

06th December 2007 Issue: "Divine Visiting Cards"

29th November 2007 Issue: "Call Me whenever you need Me"

22nd November 2007 Issue: "A Mirror of the Moon" & "Why The Divine Incarnate"

15th November 2007 Issue: "When the Lord whispers" & "The Divine Touch"

8th November 2007 Issue: "When Tulasi Bloomed at the Lotus Feet"

1st November 2007 Issue: "Know the Gopi's secret of happiness" & "Baba will Protect you"

25th October 2007 Issue: "You will be successful" & "Significance of Vibhuti"

18th October 2007 Issue: "I am your Razzak" & "The Spiritual Significance of Clove"

11th October 2007 Issue: "Love is Icecream"

4th October 2007 Issue: "Sweetness from the sands"

27th September 2007 Issue:"Love that is Godly"

20th September 2007 Issue: "The Mother in all mothers"

13th September 2007 Issue: "GodMan...ManGod"

6th September 2007 Issue: "The Silken Bond of Affection"

30th August 2007 Issue: "The Authentic Voice"

23rd August 2007 "Welcome Letter"

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